Top ten common mistakes to avoid when developing a website.

10 Mistakes To Avoid When You’re Building A Website

Deciding to create a website is child’s play, but actually building one is a tough challenge. Building a website is the first crucial step you need to take for the growth and expansion of your business.

Your website determines the credibility of your enterprise. However, people often make errors when building their site, which leads to their downfall. A poorly constructed website looks unprofessional, automatically resulting in the decline of both traffic and revenue.

Let’s go ahead and look at the ten mistakes you need to avoid when creating your website.

Having an Unresponsive Design

First things first, having a website that is unresponsive results in the decline of your visitors. You need to know that not all your audience surfs your website using a desktop or a laptop.

More than half of the population nowadays uses their mobile phones on a daily basis. Moreover, carrying a laptop around is not always convenient, so mobile phones are usually the go-to devices for most people.

Keeping that mind, make sure that your website is responsive to all devices, be it a desktop or a mobile. Ensure this, and there will be a noticeable increase in your traffic and conversion rate.

Too Many or Unclear Call–To–Action (CTA)

The first rule to creating a website is making it user friendly. Excessive calls–to–action buttons will only confuse and frustrate your customers, which is something you do not want. Any professional would advise you to add only one call–to–action per page to your website.

The next step is to make your CTA clear and simple. Your customers should be able to understand without having to think much.

For example, if you want your customers to register to your website, your CTA button should simply say the word ‘Register.’ Do this, and anyone will be able to navigate through your site with ease.

Lack of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ask yourself this question: do you want your website to gain traffic and credibility? If your answer is yes, then you need to have an SEO strategy for your website or hire an SEO agency in Liverpool.

What SEO does is, it optimizes your website, drives in organic traffic, and increases your search visibility. Once your site gains its recognition, Google will automatically rank you high in the search engine results page.

With that said, it is advisable that you hire an SEO professional to manage your website. They know precisely how to optimize your SEO and bring in more website traffic.

No Contact Information

One most important factor that you must not miss out on is your contact information. If a visitor is unable to contact you, they will find another site with more details.

Keeping your contact information updated is a must so that you can acknowledge your customer’s doubts at the earliest. This way, it makes your business reliable and trustworthy.

Slow Loading Speed

Slow website speed is a sure way to lose valuable customers, leading to an increase in the bounce rate. If your page takes more than 4 seconds to load, you can expect your readers to jump to your competitor’s website.

While certain factors like your customer’s internet speed are out of your control, some are in your hands. Remove all unnecessary contents or animation from your site and make sure your images and videos are of standard size.

Redesign your page if need to. Your goal is to keep your audience engaged. Keep in mind that slow speed affects your Google rankings as well.

Poor Quality Content

As Bill Gates once said, content is king. If your content is poorly structured and irrelevant to your website, you will lose traffic drastically.

Quality content needs to be simple yet detailed and research-based. It should keep your readers engaged. For instance, if it is for a product you are advertising, ensure that your content on it is precise.

Additionally, if it is for your blog, longer content is necessary. Content with more than 1000+ words boosts your organic traffic. However, be aware that your readers should find the specific answers to their queries in the content you provide.

Finally, keep your content up-to-date and post frequently as this will keep your readers hooked.

Crowded Homepage

A crowded homepage is a big no when you build a website. Whenever your visitors go online, they see the homepage first. In order to impress your viewers at sight, you need to construct a homepage that appeals to the eyes.

As online contents are massive, attract your visitors so that they cannot skip your site. Your visitors usually have little tolerance or no time. Therefore, build your website in such a way that will make your viewers hungry for more.

Missing Search Bar

If including a search bar was not on your list, well, you better add it. A feature that is more vital than any other is a search box on a website. This element allows your readers to navigate through your site and easily find what they are searching for.

For a site with many pages and contents, a lack of a search box will impact the website’s traffic. Without it, visitors will undoubtedly face difficulties in finding the information they need.

Instead of wasting their time browsing through your site, they will jump to your competitor’s page that provides a search box. Hence, make sure there is a search bar on your website to improve user experience and increase the visit time.

Low-quality Videos and Images

Videos and pictures with poor quality are some of the most common mistakes people make when building a website.

You indeed need to look out for the size of your visuals for a faster speed. However, that does not mean that your images and videos should be pixelated or even blurry.

Low-resolution visuals are unpleasant to the eyes, and they will chase your visitors away. To avoid that, ensure that your graphics are of top quality. If you need to, you can even download it from platforms that provide free stock graphics.

Lack of Social Media Sharing

What many companies neglect is giving their viewers a choice to share their work on social media platforms. These days, most people use Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, and they use these platforms to post various things.So why not use this opportunity to gain profit yourself?

No matter what type of website you are building, make sure your viewers can share your posts and contents. Social media sharing will automatically increase your SEO traffic as well as your conversion rate.

Let’s Conclude

It is crucial for your website to have the wow factor in terms of design, content, performance, and user experience. So before you build your website, start with a proper, no-loose ends plan for smooth sailing.

Once you have ticked that off, stay mindful of the mistakes mentioned above, and you’re good to go.