Top ten tips for web design which will leave you with a great website.

10 Web Design Tips for an Outstanding Website

Web design in Manchester is something that every business that owns a website gets to deal with, but only web designers exactly understand. To have a website with an amazing design for your business, you have to know the basics. Knowing the basics of web designing will give you a better knowledge of how to communicate with your audience.

Although you must decide on hiring a professional to design your website, you will still require some knowledge of what goes into

designing. This knowledge will give you the ability to hire a designer who will know how you want your website to look.   

We realize how tricky the whole concept of web designing can be for someone who hasn’t been around it before. Even though the concept can be confusing, you have to know some basic tips for your website design. To keep your audience interested in your business, here are ten ideas that can turn your website into a great one.

Get rid of the clutters

The most common mistake that people make while starting a business website is compiling too many things together. Many people want everything about their business to be put into a website. Cluttering your website not only makes it unattractive but also indicates unprofessionalism on your part to the viewer.

You have to realize that by adding too many elements on one page, it will cause distraction. But, by adding only the necessary elements, you are showing organization and professionalism. To have an effective website, you have to streamline by only adding what is required to inform visitors about your business. Make a list of things that should go into the website and remove the extra elements. Keep only the essential menus and not put in too many pull-out menus as it distracts the viewer.

Leave enough white space

Once you have removed, the clutters, you might be thinking of what to do with all the empty spaces. Experts suggest leaving these white spaces as it is because these spaces can enhance the main elements. Simple web design attracts attention to what is important in an instant.

The best way to draw your site visitors’ attention to the key content is to surround them with white space. Stay away from boring layouts, and as for the visual representation, other elements like typography and colors will complement the negative space.

Create a visual hierarchy

Visual hierarchy in web design refers to using the difference in elements like the size and alignment to influence the way in which viewers will see your website. It is indirectly guiding the viewer on which element to prioritize attention to first and which ones to see later.

For instance, a bold title written in big fonts on the top page, followed by the body written in smaller fonts, is an example of visual hierarchy. Good website design is not simply what you add, but it is how you add it. The size, alignment, colour, and white space are collective elements that can either increase or decrease your site’s engagement.

Most visitors will hardly spend a few seconds on a single page, so you need to prioritize which elements you want to highlight in order to draw attention instantly.

Have a strategy in your colour theme

Every colour implies different emotions, which is why a colour is a robust tool that all good designers like to manipulate. If your business is targeted towards women consumers, then using a feminine colour theme will resonate better with your audience. The colour of your website isn’t just to attract visitors, but it should represent your brand.

Harmony and balance should be maintained at every instance in every page of your website. To establish a brand identity with colour, choose one that will stand out as the primary tone. Establish consistency in your colour theme by keeping your primary, secondary, and background colours in-sync throughout your website.

Use quality photographs

If you are using images on your website, then do it right. A photographic representation of what your brand signifies can help in furthering your business. Any images that you upload on your website should have a concept behind it and indicate how it connects with your brand. Adding images is a great way to draw the attention and interest of the visitors. Making use of real pictures somehow creates trust and reliability.

Utilize typography

The text content of your site is crucial in drawing traffic to your site. By giving these text contents a right look, you have a better chance of enhancing its effectiveness. Typography includes every text visual such as the colour of the text, font size, style, and spacing. These elements will greatly impact how interested the viewer will be in reading the information on the display.

Remember not to use distracting fonts as it can take away the attention of the reader. Complete your research on the different types of fonts and use the ones that have been verified as ‘web-safe fonts.’

Simplify the navigation

The backbone of every website is its navigation. Great web design is one that caters its navigation towards its target audience. People do not have the time to navigate around your website, searching for what they want, so you need to streamline it. It would be very beneficial if you came up with a plan revolving around the entire website. Start with what content should have its own page and which should be added to the subpages.

One great example is the way in which online shoppers search for their requirements. All they have to do is click on their desired category, and the list of products shows on the screen. Similarly, you should organize the categories of each page according to their relevant subjects.

Your website should be responsive

These days most people use the internet through their mobile devices, which is why you have to make sure that the mobile view is on an excellent display. If you do not have a responsive site, then your mobile audience will have an unpleasant experience and exit your site immediately. Since mobile versions also have different guidelines like swipe controls and such so you need to make sure that these factors are taken into consideration.

The best design idea before you create a desktop version is to create a mobile version firstly. With a mobile version, you will be able to see which elements to add and which to remove for a user-friendly experience.

Increase the readability factor of text contents

When we talk about the readability factor, we are talking about a well-written content, aesthetically aligned, and clarity of the texts. The way in which the colour of the text interacts with the background colour will make a big impact on the readability. Make sure that the contents are not just well written but easily understandable too. Use simple English so that the information can be received by readers of all levels.

Communicate your needs to the designer

Web designing is a team effort, and as the owner of the website, you should be able to convey what you want to the designer. Keep the dialogue line open so that you can share your ideas for the website effectively. While you are in the planning phase, remember to write down your ideas so that you can explain it more efficiently. Also, keep an open mind on the designer’s inputs since he/she is the professional who will have a better understanding of all the technicalities.