Our top tips you should read when creating your first business website.

15 Tips for Building Your First Business Website

Do you feel that consumers can make out what your business does within a few seconds? Is your website easy to navigate for the end-users, and do they have a user-friendly experience? If you are unable to answer these questions in an instant, you need to re-evaluate how your site has been running.

Although the quality of your website’s written content is very important; however, as a business owner, you need to consider every aspect. You need to understand that every time someone visits your site, they want to leave with the information they came looking for. The functionality and performance of your site should complement seamless user experience.

Being able to communicate with your target audience through your website will help in generating sales. Irrespective of how great your business is, your online presence should authenticate your reliability as a brand.

For helping you get started on building a strong online presence, there are some things that you can do as a web designer in Stockport

Tips for Building a Great Website  


Don’t immediately get started with designing a website. First, ensure that your website is going to give your visitors what they want effectively. Understanding your audience and having a knowledge of their buying behavior will allow you to build a website catering to the target consumers.

The design of your website should center around providing any information which the consumers want. Let your visitors find the right answers in the right order. You already know the behavior of your current consumers. So, with this data, make the plan for your website design.

Remove the clutters

Rather than improving your site’s quality, certain elements will only complicate things and confuse your visitors. Avoid excessive content, busy animations, and files of a bigger size. Online users have an attention span of only a fraction of seconds, so you have to make a first good impression. 

Your website should only have those contents that are relatable. The idea is to send a clear, precise message to the visitor, and you can do this only when the contents of your site are interactive.

Add links to your social media

If your business has its presence on several social media platforms, add these external links to your website. Doing this is a great way to share information about your business to other potential customers. Social media platforms are amazing forms of non-intrusive advertising. You are gaining easy access to interact with the consumers directly and also establishing a brand image.

Apply calls-to-action

Whether you have a business that sells products or provides service, the key is to make the consumers find the need for what you offer. Just because you sell products doesn’t mean that your job is done after updating the inventory. To have consistent success in your business, you need to tell your audience why they need you and what makes you unique from your competitors

Educate your audience with interesting web content that teaches them something new. Once your audience realizes what you can offer, they will be most likely to buy your products or services.

Make use of proper images

Any image that you upload on your site has to be relatable to your business. The photos should speak for themselves. Contents and photos should co-exist and help the reader know what your business is about. Studies also show that using real-life photos (photos of employees, offices) invokes genuine interests.

Navigation is key

Giving your visitors a good user experience is crucial while developing a site. Users find nothing more distracting than a site with unorganized navigation. You have to streamline your content, adopt navigation hierarchy, and make your site responsive. Applying these small adjustments can drastically change the user’s experience. 

When people visit your website, and they don’t easily find what they came looking for, then within seconds, they will exit.

Make your homepage interesting

The first page that online users go-to is the homepage. If you want to make people stay on your site, the homepage needs to have all the key contents of your business like the introduction content/video, a brief about the business, and your USP (Upper Selling Proposition). 

Include white space

Whitespace is the empty space of a page, which increases the readability of the content. These empty spaces play an important role in enhancing the website’s design and positioning the elements to make them more attractive.  

Optimizing for mobile users

It would be unwise not to optimize your site for mobile. A large percentage of internet users access the net through mobile devices. By not having a responsive site that caters to everyone, you are losing out on potential customers.

Search Engine Optimization

In order to increase your site’s traffic, you have to ensure that your site contains SEO-friendly content. To develop a business website with a strong SEO strategy, you will have to create content relevant to your target audience. Contents like blogs, articles, and webpages should be developed using organic keywords, which will increase your site’s ranking in the search engines.

Continue testing for a better outcome

Assessing the conversion rate and evaluating which options visitors are clicking will show you how your site is performing. Making small changes in your web design like tweaking the colors, or updating the contents can make a huge difference in performance. There are various tools available where you can determine your site’s performance and see how your competitors are doing. 

Fix broken links

Depending on how long your website has been around, it may have broken links and unknown 404s. You will be surprised by the possibilities of unpublished or wrongly linked pages that previously were high performing pages. So, evaluate your site for such broken pages and make sure to 301 redirect them to a relevant page.

Come up with offers and deals

Giving offers and discounts are a great way to convert your visitors into customers. However, the problem with this is that many of your competitors will also be doing the same thing. So, in order to draw attention, and make consumers choose to purchase from your business, come up with unique and attractive offers. 

Let your visitors easily contact you

In order to generate leads, your target audience has to be easily able to contact you regarding any queries or information. You should add your contact information clearly on the website so that potential clients can access the help they require.

Increase the speed and performance of your site

The last tip is to improve the performance and speed of your site. Your visitors will spend only a fraction of seconds waiting for the pages to load. If your pages take time to load, then users will move on to another site in a heartbeat. 

The Final Word

Applying these simple but effective practices at the time of building your site can make huge differences. The wisest investment you can make is by hiring an amazing designer who understands your business and what you need.