Why you should be using email marketing services in 2020

29 Reasons To Use Email Marketing In 2020

It can be difficult to zero in on the right marketing strategy to boost your business. You need something that can generate reliable results without burning a hole in your pocket. That is where email marketing comes into the picture.

So, why should you prefer email marketing over other marketing channels?

Here are 29 reasons why you should use email marketing.

Breed reliability

Creating authentic and informative content allows you to build credibility. After all, people are always more comfortable doing business with brands they can trust.

Boost relationships

Email marketing helps you communicate directly with your audience. This helps you paint a better picture of what they like or don’t.

Improve engagement

Studies show that there were 293.6 billion email exchanges every day in 2019 alone. This simply means users are more responsive to email marketing than other promotional channels.

Generate sales

The mass audience, combined with the responsive nature of email marketing, can help generate sales quickly.

Generate lead magnet

Email marketing encourages you to create unique content and share it with the mass audience. This helps you to generate leads and attract new potential customers.

Boost website traffic

Good contents help generate quality customer leads. Such leads, in turn, result in new (curious) users clicking on your website.

Easily targets different devices.

Email marketing is tailored to suit the needs of the general consumer. So, whether you’re targeting desktop or smartphone users, email marketing produces equivalent results.

Boost your brand’s reputation

Email marketing is the best channel to boost your brand’s reputation! Don’t believe us? The average open rate of “welcome email” is 82%.

Quick results

Recent statistics show that email is the third most reliable/influential source of information. When people are able to rely on your content, it automatically produces quick results.

Professional approach

Usually, traditional marketing tactics may appear bland and uninspiring. On the contrary, email marketing takes a more professional approach by customizing email templates and creating unique content.

Improve visibility

With a whopping figure of 3.9 billion user base, there is no better platform to boost your brand’s visibility than email marketing.

Good return of investment

Of all the various marketing channels, email marketing offers the most tempting return of investment value. For every dollar of email marketing investment, you can get up to $42 return value.


Email marketing allows you to reach out to a mass audience with just a few clicks!


Unlike other passive marketing techniques, email marketing helps you to tailor content based on your customer’s needs.

Generates excitement

Emails help you to monitor which content your audience likes/opens most. In addition, it also helps create buzz around your product. In both cases, email helps build excitement around your product/services.

Increase donation

Organizing fundraises online can seem daunting! Luckily email campaigns can prove quite effective. A Texas-based non-profit (Rescued Pets Movement) raised over $10,000 from the email campaign. 

Track your progress

Email marketing helps you direct access to relevant metrics. This helps you to analyze the things that work and the ones that don’t!

Less work, big reward

Email marketing usually requires significantly less work (and investment). But, it comes with a high bounty on its back (if done right).

Stimulates call-to-action

Email marketing done right can help your reach out to the right audience, at the right time, with the right offer. This, in turn, encourages users to take the right action.

Easy to get started

You don’t need to be a technical wizard to get started on email marketing. With just the right email marketing software, you can get started in a jiffy!

Ensures customer growth

The latest statistics show that 81% of SMBs rely on email marketing to create lead magnets and attract new customers. 

Improves brand value

Creating authentic content helps boost your brand value. 49% of consumers say they like receiving promotional emails from brands they like. 

Share contents organically

Email marketing provides the ideal channel to distribute content to the target audience. In fact, 9 out of every 10 marketers use email marketing to share content organically. 

Improves communication

Keeping in constant communication with your customers is the key to ensure consistent growth. Email marketing provides a reliable channel to maintain uninterrupted communication.

Ample growth options

Recent studies show that companies can harness 300% more click rates just by adding videos.

Promote services

Email marketing, done right, can help customers gain information about your services without sounding too promotional.

Audience growth

Email marketing helps you build your customer base by identifying users who are (actually) interested in hearing from you.

Attract new clients

Email helps you reach out to a broad audience and attract new potential clients who may not be aware of your brand.

Maintain a healthy relationship on all fronts

Email marketing helps create good customer bonds. In addition, it also helps maintain a strong relationship with all the other stakeholders.