The 3 Main Steps To Creating Your Brand

Building the next Apple, Amazon or Disney is no easy feat however they are started from the bottom and grew. With these 5 tips and tricks, you can improve your branding and your overall business strategy. Clarifying what type of branding you need, for a niche target audience is key and we will dive deeper into this during this blog. 


This is one of the first important tasks your brand will face, rightly so as your logo is the face of your brand and needs to explain what your brand does in a creative efficient way. There are many things that go into designing a logo (many are overlooked) for example you need the logo to be unique to you, identifiable with your brand and must work for a verity of sizes (scalability). 

There are different types of logo you also need to consider:

The 3 Main Steps To Creating Your Brand


An abstract logo is just an identifiable logo for your brand, it doesn’t need meaning as its just shapes and colours which cant be identifiable in the real world. This type is very creative as you need to bring life to the logo for your costumers since it’s not already got a meaning. 


Mascot logos can give your brand a face and can humanise your entire brand. People can relate to people better than brands, this is a popular logotype for brands wanting to create a positive friendly image for their brand. 


Emblems are often circular and are often one of the most memorable logotypes if done right, these logos cannot be too detailed as when scaled down the logo will look over complicated. 


This logotype is often used when your business name is the long and not memorable, normally 3+ words. The logo will be the initials of the words, ideal if you’re looking for a more catchy name.


An icon logo is often the way to go if you want to let your logo suggest what your business/product is. This can create a clear image in the customers head on what you actually sell.


Wordmarks are a logo with your brand name, colours and font solely as your visual identity. This can be useful however hard to scale and you can lose detail when shrunk, this is why an icon works well with a wordmark logo just so your branding is totally scaleable. 


You need to capture your brand in a single or group of words, this is an extremely challenging task. It needs to be memorable, roll of the tongue and unique. This is one of the hardest parts of creating a brand. This is a huge commitment to make and can be quite scary but to make things easier here are a few options on how to make a brand name. 

  • Make up a word (for example Pepsi)
  • Use a metaphor (for example Nike – goddess of victory)
  • Create an acronym (for example VW – Volkswagen)
  • Combination of 2 words (for example Youtube – You, the user and tube, another word for tv.


Colours can change the entire feel of your brand, therefore choosing the right colours for your brand is essential for your success. There are also industry colours if you want to stay in trend for example tech companies often use blue, eco-friendly companies often use green and information companies often use red to stand out and be bold. Using colour you are triggering peoples emotions, which can really improve your brand image if done correctly. 

Get a consistent colour palette to improve your branding and identifiability online, if you’re struggling to find the right colours try adobe colours or coolors to find the right palette for you and your brand.