4 Reasons Why You Need a New Website

As your company’s valuable online asset, your website must be able to elevate your brand image; attract conversions and sales; and deliver revenue. If your existing website isn’t realising any of these goals for you, it could be a serious signal for change.

Here are some key reasons why your website may not be delivering intended results. If any of these reasons applies to your website, it is time to have a new website created by a professional web design Chester service.

Your Website is not Mobile Friendly

An increasing percentage of population is using some kind of mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. So, it is important that your website is mobile responsive.

If you are using only a desktop design for your website, it is time to immediately switch to a “responsive” design. A responsive website is capable of automatically adjusting itself to the screen size of the user’s device.

When designed by an expert web design Chester agency, a responsive design delivers a fantastic user experience on any device.

Your Website is not Easy to Manage

Except for some hard-core coding requirements, a good website should be, for the most part, easy to handle. It should be easy to customise features, and add/remove content, including images. If your website necessitates frequent developer intervention, it is time to go for a new website that’s easy to manage.

Your Website Design Belongs to a Bygone Era

If your website takes more than a few minutes to load, uses heavy graphics and animation, or plays music automatically, you have a recipe for disaster if you haven’t tasted it already.

It is important to have your website designed according to the latest trends to be where your customers are, and to increase your business reach.

Search Engines Ignore Your Website

Gone are the days when search engine optimisation used to be a separate strategy, implemented only after the completion of website design. Today, optimisation for search engines starts at the design stage itself, and is integral at every stage till completion.

Above all, if you are not satisfied with your website but are continuing with it only to justify design expenses, then it is definitely time to go for a new website. At Web Design Chester, we develop a website that’s tailored to your business and audience in terms of looks, functionality and technology. Contact us today to get started.

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