How 5G Will Change The Way We Browse The Web On Our Phones

5G is an upcoming, improved technology for mobile phones internet connectivity with a more stable connection, super-fast download/upload speeds and wider internet coverage.

The mobile network could be launched as early as 2019 in particular countries with speed 10-20 times more fast than what we currently have. Liverpool web design confirms from reliable sources however that most countries are very unlikely to launch the 5g service before 2020.

What will 5G enable us to do?

The 5G network will come with the capability for superfast download and upload speeds of media on the internet which will be a major relief to impatient persons who like instant responses. According to Liverpool web design speeds will, however, differ in the different service providers depending on the spectrum band on which the operator runs the 5G service and how much they have invested on new transmitters and masts.

The 5G service will have insignificantly low or completely no latency which is very crucial in situations requiring quick and decisive reactions. Latency is the time taken to pass information from the transmitter to the receiver, and this would help the 5G network to achieve services such as online mobile multiplayer gaming, autonomous vehicles movements and their real-time positioning among other tasks which require speedy reactions.

The 5G network will most likely change the consumers Wi-Fi plans owing to the improved speeds with which it comes. Asking ourselves a simple question, why would a user use a 50mbps Wi-Fi plan when he/she has access to 1gbps 5G service on his smartphone? Liverpool web design anticipates a decline in consumer Wi-Fi usage plans after the 5G network is fully functional owing to its profound advantages.

The world has largely increased its data consumption over the years particularly due to the increased popularity of streaming videos and music. The currently existing spectrum band turn out to be overwhelmed especially when many users from the same location are trying to access the services simultaneously. The 5G network is however very good at handling thousands of devices at the same time maintaining each user’s speeds of connectivity at the required standards.

Demerits of 5G network

Liverpool web design confirmed that there would need to replace the devices which we are currently using, this is because they will not be able to support the technology hence necessitating the change to be able to use this new technology. These devices are expensive limiting the 5G network to only those able to afford them.

The new 5G technology is currently still being processed and its viability still being accessed to a certain if the cost meets the value among other research procedures to confirm the benefits with certainty.

Liverpool web design learned that the high speeds which the 5G technology has projected to achieve would be very difficult to reach because of inadequate technological support or available but incompetent support from the available technology which will greatly reduce its efficiency.