The best practices to follow when using videos on a website

7 Tips For Successful Video Marketing

Let us all agree that videos are support mechanisms for marketing. It makes your business look interesting, creative and engaging. 

To achieve creative video content, you will need to know the best techniques for nailing your business. 

But, before we share the tips and tricks for successful video marketing, know your 5Ws – Why videos? Who is your target audience? When? Where? Which style relates to your business? Building around these questions will help you HOW to create your video. 

Here are 7 sure ways to create successful videos for marketing:

Create a story  

Videos that tell stories are more likely to attract viewers. 

The reason: 

  • People love stories
  • Adds value 
  • It doesn’t make you look desperate

We suggest you start and end with a consistent and interrelated storyline. That way, you keep users engaged, connected and appreciative towards your business. 


Give perspective to users within the first few seconds

Let people know what your video is all about in a few seconds. If you keep prolonging and beating around the bush, you lack appeal and lose viewers. 

Please keep it simple and engaging. We recommend creating a hook or apply a thumbnail to grab users’ attention. 

Provide with and without sound options 

You have to think of ways to provide content to users with different interests. We know Facebook now allow videos to play automatically with the sound on. So, creating videos that attract viewers with or without sound should be on your plan. 

Include subtitles and eye-catching visuals for silent videos. 

Promote your videos on Facebook 

Facebook serves as a spectacular platform for marketing. Why? Because it is specifically oriented to share your content with select users. Videos emphasising specific groups make your substance meaningful and acceptable to viewers.

You can make your video available to users according to age, location, gender and languages. 

Use Call-to-Actions (CTAs)

We guarantee that you will never regret including CTAs in your content. 

It is fast, valuable and increases conversions. 

According to research, there are three ways you can optimise content using CTAs – 

  • Pre-roll CTA: used at the start of the video.
  • Mid-roll CTA: used at the start, in-between or at the end of the video.
  • End-roll CTA: used at the end of the video. 

Developers prefer to include end-roll CTAs, but we know that mid-roll CTAs get higher conversion rates. 

Emphasise content for search engines 

Consider using main title keywords and adding a description to your video to be discoverable by search engines. Making SEO-friendly videos will create more traffic and higher ranking. To add to your benefit, it enhances branding and increases conversions. 

Network with other companies and influencers

A majority of people now turn to reviews by influencers rather than buying what the brand is telling. Collaborating with influencers and other brands will take you a long way instead of only sticking to yourself. 

We recommend collaborating with renowned companies to promote your videos and increase branding. 


Get recognised and build your company value with these video marketing strategies. Just a quick reminder: keep your content updated!