Why your business website needs to be a responsive website design

8 Tricks To Increase Your Moz DA

When there is competition in the online market, everyone gets busy trying to prove who is the best. Be it with marketing strategies like brand promotions via content creation, exciting offers, or sales, and the list goes on. But in the end, who decides on whose website is better than the others?

Website ranking 

Search engines rank websites by using highly complex algorithms based on the search engine result page. The whole ranking system consists of multiple factors such as keywords used while searching, the number of times the keywords appeared, quality, and relevance. But one central element in bringing the deciding factor on the rank of a website is domain authority (DA). 

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority (DA) is a grading metric that forecasts how well a site will rank online based on Moz’s predictions. The whole calculation gets conducted on a scale basis of 1-100. If your site is closer to 100, you have more chances of ranking higher in search engine result pages (SERPS). Such changes will help your site become more visible and recognized with the possibility of getting more clicks.

Be aware of your Domain Authority score 

It is a matter of concern if you aren’t aware of your domain authority score. Knowing your score will help you understand where you are improving or lacking, leading to a better analysis of your business and audience. According to studies, DA may be a useful metric to measure how much regular traffic you receive. If you want to grow your SERPs rankings and increase web traffic, it is necessary to work on your DA strategy, which may take time to show results, but it sure will be worth the wait.

How to increase your DA score?

If you desire your business to progress and stay in the market, you must keep a tab on your DA score and find ways to keep the numbers running high. The first key agent is to perform a link audit to identify the links to your website are valid with no hacker tactics included, such as backlinks. Here are other few tricks of our sleeves, which can help you increase your domain authority.

Off-Site SEO

The link to your website profile is the most calculative measurement of all. If you have a clean and robust website profile, you will have a higher DA score than a weaker website profile. Hence, work on your off-page SEO by making a strong link profile. How so? Focus on these factors:

  • Have incoming links from high authority websites
  • Your incoming links should be from related websites
  • Low-quality links are a big NO
  • Links from unique areas are welcome

Control your On-Site SEO

Taking control of your on-site SEO is one major factor for a good DA score. On-Site SEO optimization will help in how you present your page and content on your website. Follow these small steps:

  • Rearrange or rewrite your titles and descriptions
  • Use proper headings for your content 
  • Use keywords for your content 
  • Add internal links to your content
  • Have an adequate URL structure and permalinks 
  • Format your content for better search and ranking 

Your website needs to be mobile-friendly

It has become mandatory for mobile-friendly websites since mobile searches have become 60% more than desktop. First, you can get a mobile-friendly test on your website to know if it is mobile-friendly. If it is not, you better start working on it because mobile-friendliness has become a ranking factor. Also, not having a mobile-friendly website will have a negative impression on your DA score.

Page speed

One major component in getting a high DA score is page speed. If your website loads faster, you have a better lead than other slower websites. Boosting your page speed will get you better rankings for your DA and improve user experience leading to more signups and sales.

Make use of social media

 Some search engine sites may not insist on making social signals one of the priorities to increase the rankings, yet there is no harm in taking advantage of social media to promote your website. In today’s world, social media can play a vital role in advertising and selling your business. So it’s time to increase your social signals. You can first start by:

  • Work on your business profile on social media platforms and try to increase your followers
  • Promote your products and services
  • Be active on social media
  • It would be best if you have a social media button on your pages for access
  • Create visually appealing content

Create good content

People these days get easily attracted to good-looking content, and you should take that as leverage to attract your target audience. Make excellent and high-quality content to reach out to more audience, and they can share it around.

Remove bad backlinks

In earning a high rank, do not ignore some website links to your profile, which may create the wrong impression. Go through your link profile to check on links that you receive, and you can use backlink checker tools to pick out the bad backlinks. You can then contact the particular websites and remove them. Also, check your website in contact with any wrong links and get rid of them. Your DA score is sure to improve highly.

Improve your internal linking

Many people tend to focus on external links rather than improving their internal links, which is essential to get a good DA ranking. Internal links will help to keep leads on the website and keep your page engaging. It also serves as an indication to search engines as to how important a page is, making your page appear higher in the search results. A page with many internal links is seen as more important and will therefore be ranked higher.


In the end, have patience; your DA scores won’t increase overnight. You will need to reevaluate your whole way of managing your DA scores and keep track of your DA scores for analysis purpose. Follow the steps mentioned above and work on improvising, and nothing can stop you from getting those scores.