A day in the life of an Admin and Digital Marketing Assistant

In this blog, I have decided to write about a day in the life of an Admin and Digital Marketing assistant. I have been working at Blue Whale Media for 2 months and it’s great to be surrounded by such like-minded people. It is an environment where I can put myself to the challenge where it really matters. My view on the world is very tech-orientated, so it only feels right to be apart of a digital agency.

My Job Role

My job role at Blue Whale Media is Admin Assistant, however, I also work with the marketing team. During work, I have a weekly schedule as well as a task management system that allows me to organise all of my tasks by date as well as priority.

A typical day for me consists of writing statuses for our social media page, writing captions to our office pictures and posting our portfolio work to social media. We usually post our portfolio images on our Pinterest page which you can follow.

All of this comes down to the marketing side of my job. On the admin side, I keep the admin system up to date with client information so all of the team can easily access said information as a reference for their project.

All in all, I work closely with both teams and even though I do admin work, I spend the majority of my time completing digital marketing tasks.


When I’m not doing digital marketing tasks I am doing admin work. You may be wondering what exactly that is. Essentially, administrative assistants are responsible for managing and directing information throughout the office. At Blue Whale Media it is the admin team’s job to make sure that all client information is relevant and up to date. If it wasn’t then we wouldn’t be able to go forward with building a website as it would be full of wrong information. I wouldn’t say that admin is the most important job as all of the job roles at Blue Whale are equally important, however, without an admin assistant, there wouldn’t be as much organization within the team. The use of an admin system helps communication within the office. Rather than constantly asking for client information, everything is there in one place.

Digital Marketing

I really enjoy the digital marketing side of my job role. I’m not the marketing strategist within the office. Eve, the head of marketing does all of our strategies. My main duties are posting to our social media pages and writing statuses to go with those posts. As a team, we are starting vlogging within the office, which is something that we want to really kick off soon and I am responsible for our vlogging camera.

As well as all of this I put a lot of ideas forward. I’m not going to lie, not all of my ideas are the best, but I do have some golden moments. This is when I get an idea that clicks with the marketing team. In no way am I a full digital marketer, I am still an apprentice. With that being said, I am encouraged to bring my ideas to the table. Some will work, some won’t, but I am trying to learn as much as I possibly can at Blue Whale Media and to do this I have to at least try something to see if it works.


This is what my time at Blue Whale Media consists of. I hope it has given you an insight into the business and what it is that I do.

Although I favour digital marketing over admin, I love my job at Blue Whale. I am surrounded by like-minded people who I can earn a lot from.

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