A Look Into Blue Whale Media

For a client looking into Blue Whale Media, it must be hard to see past our portfolio or the post you read on Facebook. Each person who works here is from a different background, age and education but we have all come together and work as a team. We all enjoy what we do and the people we work with and I think that’s why we work so well.

The Teams

Blue Whale Media is owned by Gary Sweeney who is the Managing Director and his wife Stephanie Sweeney is the Operations Director. After nine years they have grown the team to a size of twenty who all play an important role within the business and the projects it produces. Our team is spread out across seven departments although some people have a dual role like me (Sales and Admin). Our departments are Admin, Web Design, Graphics, Videography, Sales, Marketing and Content. These teams are managed by Eve who is Office Manager and Head Of Marketing, Lewis who is Head Of All Creative Departments and Gary who is also Head Of Sales.


At Blue Whale Media we have a range of services although we actually specialise in Web Design. In our Web Design projects, almost every team plays a part. The Sales team will find potential clients and introduce them to our company as well as informing them about the services we offer. Our Admin Team set up their account and help them throughout the build process. The Web Designers will design their website as well as providing training on completion, so the client can use the site. The Graphics team will ensure all Images on the site are suitable as well as creating the logo, map marker, bullet points and any other custom graphics. Our Marketing team will create statuses about the new website and possibly operate monthly marketing strategies. If the client wishes to have SEO content out writers will also create that.

How We Keep Connected

The Blue Whale Media team is often very busy working hard on our client’s projects so, how do we all keep connected? We have a weekly team meeting which is used to keep everyone up to date, informed on the latest news and share ideas. A well as our team meeting, we also take part in a lot of charity events that we all do together, for example, Tough Mudder where a group of us used each over to overcome obstacles covered in MUD! We also attend team building activities like paintballing and our latest event; the Christmas markets.

Get In Touch!

If you want a team who is just that, a team then get in touch. We all play a part and we all enjoy what we do and I believe you can really see that on our websites. We are all very different but all want to be successful in what we do and that is why we make a good Web Design and Marketing Agency. You can give us a call on 01925 552050 or email me!

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