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Abigail – Fun Facts Q&A

Abigail – Fun Facts Q&A

Question 1 – What’s Your Favourite Starbucks/Costa Order?


Question 2 – What’s Your Favourite Day Of The Year? Is there a reason it’s your favourite?

12th – it’s my birthday

Question 3 – If You Could Live In Any Year/Era, What Would You Choose?


Question 4 – If You Could Pick Anything To Be Your Form Of Transportation, What Would It Be?

I’d teleport there

Question 5 – If You Could See Anyone In Concert, Who Would It Be?

My Chemical Romance

Question 6 – Favourite Ice Cream Flavour?

Mint Choc Chip

Question 7 – First Pet You Ever Had

Rabbit called Thumper

Question 8 – Favourite Pizza Topping


Question 9 – Last Time You Cried Watching A Film/TV Show?

2 month ago when I watched Blackfish

Question 10 – Have You Ever Broken A Bone?

I’ve broken the same toe twice

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