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What is an e-commerce website?

If you had asked me this question 4 weeks ago, I wouldn’t have an answer. I am currently the newest member of the Blue Whale team and I am on an apprenticeship. Being on an apprenticeship is great as I am always learning new things. An e-commerce website is used for the transaction of good and services online. A Blue Whale e-commerce site is well designed, technically sound and offers excellent user experience.

Everything we need to add products to your WordPress site.

Adding a product isn’t as I thought. I believed it to be just an easy process of adding a name and its price, but it’s not quite that simple. Before adding a product, I need a few things… A products spreadsheet that must be completed. The spreadsheet should contain lots of data such as its name, description, attributes, variations and its SKU. When the images are sent over for the products we ask they are saved as the SKU so that we can match them up correctly.

Training Involved to add a product to WordPress.

Without training, I would not be able to add products to the standard of Blue Whale Media as it’s not something you can just do. I have learnt from my manager Danielle who has two years of experience. I learned how to add products to a shop through shadowing Danielle and then practice.


To add a product, you need to enter the back end of the site. To access this, you will need authorised and secure login details. You will be asked to log in to make sure whoever is trying to gain access is aloud and not an intruder or hacker. The server where the site may be held will also be firewall protected. These features are important.

Why is security important?

Security is important because it restricts access to unwanted visitors who may be malicious and protects data from people who may want to steal it. At Blue Whale Media it’s essential that our client’s data is protected and is never released to the public domain. We have several procedures to ensure this. We use complex passwords and never keep our computers on while we are out the office or on overnight. We also don’t put sensitive data in the bin we have a confidential 3rd party collect and shred this information

Training in cyberSecurity

As Security is so important, on my first day at Blue Whale, I was asked to take an online course from a trusted and recognised training provider. The course allowed me not just to learn new things but better my understanding of what I already knew. It covered topics such as data protection. The course has made me more aware of my action to ensure I keep clients data safe.

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