Upcoming Launch of Project Rush

Adobe video community is set to come up with a new product which will be known as Project Rush. This tool is a unique video editing device in the sense that it will allow users to create and to share online material for faster and easier than before.

Adobe video came up with this project after engaging with long-term users of videos. Examples of these clients include St Helens Web Design who had in the past few years used the video space for their day to day social interactions. This gave Adobe the inspiration to develop their own unique product.

They also came to the realization that video users were often using their videos during social functions, adventure, school, and business. The motion pictures were a reflection of their different personality, social activities, and interactions. Some of these features included shooting the videos, putting titles, editing the content, adding thumbnails and sharing with friends. St Helens Web Design has optimized its social media pages with these types of videos.

By listening to customers concerns and issues about the video creation process, the company decided to come up with a tool that will meet all the users’ needs, add some creativity, flavour, and make them more entertaining.

Project rush promises to be a tool that will empower you to work while on the go

Most users will play videos on their different gadgets, for example, tablets, mobile phones, the laptop or desktop computers. With this new feature, you can use many gadgets like your phone to edit some content. For example download the video at home using your mobile phone or tablet then, edit it at work on your laptop or desktop computer. St Helen Web design will use as it will be available in all devices and allow for content syncing in a cloud.

Project rush brings a lot of creativity and flexibility

This tool uses the one shop approach. You will only need one tool for editing, adding filters, optimizing audio and selecting different titles from the templates. St Helens Web Design can use this feature for adding a thumbnail, scheduling posts and posting them in various social media platforms by just clicking.

Your videos will look great and the audios sound great

Adobe creates products that can be used by experts in the video editing industry. Some features include colour correction and editing. Audio adjustments and auto-detection of bad sound and reducing the background sound.

There is greater flexibility with titles

Adobe video feature is integrated at the centre of Rush. You will have unlimited access to new free video graphics templates. St Helens Web Design can use the several animations that are tailor-made to suit specific clients’ needs


It will not be necessary to keep launching videos on different platforms. It will be a lot easier to make your video and optimize the same on the social media arena you are publishing. This project is going to be fun as it is developed with the customer in mind.