How To Advance In Your Digital Marketing Career

How To Advance In Your Digital Marketing Career

Marketing is such a diverse topic that if you work in that sector then you need to constantly improve your skills and knowledge. As I’m 3 years into my digital marketing career, I thought I would take a moment to advise people in the industry how to advance in their digital marketing career. Hopefully, these tips will help you progress in your marketing journey and give you some motivation for your current job role.

Online Courses

Although I completed my digital marketing qualification, there are many more courses online that have helped me develop my knowledge further. This applies to any area of work but for the marketing industry, you’ll find a variety of lessons that will help you in your job role. A good one which covers a wide variety of areas is Google Digital Garage. As Google is such a well-known organisation, you can feel comfortable knowing that the information they provide is correct and relevant. They offer a range of lessons from PPC to SEO and social media. There are quite a lot of them however so I would recommend scheduling them over a period of time.

Online Courses for Digital Marketing

Another popular online course is Facebook Blueprint. Now, this is an obvious choice to any marketer as you probably already work on Facebook in your day to day tasks. Facebook Blueprint offers a lot of different courses that provide advice and tips on how to get the most out of your Facebook page. This is extremely useful if Facebook is at the top of your business marketing strategy. When you finish each course, you receive a certificate which can be used to showcase on LinkedIn (hint hint).

HubSpot is also a well-known marketing source. Not only do they provide a lot of informative blogs for marketers but they have also set up Hubspot Academy which offers training courses based on general marketing and also the Hubspot software. The lessons are usually quite interactive consisting of videos, quizzes and tests. Like the other online courses, Hubspot covers a range of marketing topics including content writing, SEO and social media.

Networking Events

For people who like to branch out of the office, networking events are the perfect solution. This will allow you to connect with others who are in the marketing industry or have an interest in marketing for their business. Networking allows you to delve into other people’s marketing ideas and you might even learn something new from a brand new area of marketing. Meeting people who inspire your work is so important as it can help you on your own journey by listening to other people’s experiences. Networking can either be talking to other people about marketing or it can be attending networking talks where professionals from your industry will discuss relevant topics in order to help others.

Building Your Brand

As well as establishing your company’s brand, you also need to think about building your own personal brand. This is just as important as anyone else’s brand as you need to think about how you are being portrayed online and what potential employers might see.

This doesn’t mean you have to post all the time on social media and write lengthy blogs but it does mean that you have to build your online presence. This could mean that you use a couple of social media channels to show that you know what you’re doing online and also that you are keeping your own accounts active.

Another good way to establish your brand is by writing blogs. Now, as mentioned before these don’t have to be pages and pages like an essay but it does mean that you have to provide some content that is your own. By writing a blog, it allows you to show off what you know about your industry and that you are knowledgable about current trends in the marketing world. Sharing your opinion and experience can help build connections with others in the marketing industry and be a good piece of content to show future employers. 

Build your brand with digital marketing
Take Risks  

When moving forward in your digital marketing career, you need to be more confident with your work which means taking risks that you might not have done when you first started. If you want to advance then you need to open yourself up to taking risks. This doesn’t mean doing something really drastic but it does mean stepping out of your comfort zone every once in a while. This could mean that you take on a task you’ve never done before as it could mean that you learn a new skill whilst doing so. You might also take a risk in the marketing you are currently doing. Try something new that is currently trending in the marketing world and adapt it to your branding. If it doesn’t work then at least you gave it a go but if it does work then this could really impress your current employer.

Keep up to date with digital marketing
Keep Up To Date

If you are involved in digital marketing then this automatically means that are required to keep up to date with the latest trends. New technology is evolving all the time and there are constantly new social media conversations that are taking the marketing world by storm. This could be the latest hashtag trending on Twitter, the most popular meme, new technology such as AI or relevant topics that have been announced in marketing podcasts.

Even though it’s great to pay attention to current happenings, you also need to ensure your knowledge is up to date on the behind the scenes work of marketing. This would be sections such as planning, customer experience, business strategies and customer personas. The marketing world is always changing and this might affect the strategies within your company.

With all this being said, it’s only you who can develop your digital marketing career. Obviously it benefits you if you have help from professionals in the industry, but as discussed there are many things you can do to widen your knowledge.