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Advent Gift.

Advent Gift is a family-run company based in Liverpool, a city of two cathedrals and plenty of spirit and faith. They offer customers gifts that can light up any room or bring hope and love, from jewellery, keepsakes, pictures of saints, ceramic coasters, vases, rosary beads, prayer cards and much more.



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What We Did.

For Advent Gift, the team at Blue Whale Media created a new and cohesive online presence for the business. A beige and blue colour scheme will contrast one another for the overall design, giving it a classic look whilst also keeping the site modern in terms of font and images used throughout the site. This website design uses illustrative patterns and shapes to represent an authentic feel and serif and script typeface, giving a sense of tradition and the colours related directly to the logo.

We included a two-tiered menu on the desktop, the first dedicated to the general site, whereas the second section is dedicated to the art and information of the cards that are sold.

Headings used throughout the website are consistent and showcase exactly which page the user is on when navigating. Hover-animations have been used for buttons to enhance user interactivity when navigating throughout the site. Custom fields are used for each card category for the user to be able to edit and alter images text easily for each card type.

By creating whole new social media platforms, we transformed these profiles to showcase who the company really is. We included the business branding through each platform to capture their brand identity. We have also set up feature accounts including Trustpilot, Tawk and Mailchimp; these accounts will help to encourage a better user experience by increasing the efficiency of how the user interacts with the website.

Biggest Change.

The new website for Advent Gift is the perfect solution for the company to really establish their brand identity. There have been many changes to the website however, the most standout features include the new branding we have implemented throughout the site. The classic blue and beige colour scheme keep the website looking modern with a more traditional twist. The colour scheme complements the brand identity perfectly.

The 2 tiered desktop menu is a great addition as it enhances the experience of the website as we are able to showcase the navigation of the site, we can also show the products in the second section. This means the user is able to find exactly what they are looking for in one section.

We included hover animation on the buttons throughout the website. This is to encourage user interactivity as it keeps the website engaging and a little more playful. Not only will this keep users on the site but it will entice them to explore the site further, therefore reducing the bounce rate of the site.

Moving forward, this will help the company keep customers engaged and therefore follow up in successful purchases.

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