Agora Microfinance video thumbnail

Agora’s engaging introduction with the help of video

Agora Microfinance came to Blue Whale Media in need of a brand new website and video to enhance their brand recognition after expanding the company into emerging markets.

With their target market in developing countries with limited PC access, we knew we had to take careful consideration for the video’s viewability and adopt a mobile-first approach just like we did with the web design.

The main goal of the video was to properly introduce Agora Microfinance, who they are and how they are helping the local communities. It was important to ensure the video didn’t come across as promotional but rather as a genuine introduction to the company and its community-driven values.

The video itself made great use of local footage of the exact communities Agora is striving to help, with plenty of animated text visuals to highlight the brand values and company mission. We believe it is a great video piece to successfully inform people who Agora is, what they stand for and how they are helping local communities.

Enhancing brand awareness with professional videos

Videos are a great way to introduce your business and raise brand awareness in an engaging way. Blue Whale Media’s video production team can craft professional videos suitable for multiple platforms including your website, blogs and social media pages. If you’re interested in promoting your brand with professional videos, contact us online here.