2019- An increase in interactivity in online marketing leads to AI website

In the past, web developers and designers were required to code every element of the site via HTML. Although it is still common practice for web developers to code aspects of their design, it is also common to see designers utilising artificial intelligence to build and develop the perfect code for them.

There has been a steady increase in companies and businesses online investing in artificial intelligence to help them improve their websites and entice customers to click through to their site. Through AI, many brands have managed to create a more interactive and immersive experience. This interactivity encourages customers and site visitors to stay on the web page for a few seconds longer, which can be the difference between no sale and a sale.

Which companies have used AI?

A whole host of different types of companies have invested in AI as a technique to increase customer interaction across their site. Wix and GoDaddy are two notable names in at home website building who have invested in interactive design aspects. Users of Wix can use their built in AI assisted building tools to easily and effectively create a platform that suits their purpose. Through strategically asked questions, users are recommended customised layouts and features that have been specifically calculated to suit the users requirements. This use of AI to create unique and bespoke

How can you use AI to design a better site?

Companies are using AI in new and exciting ways to develop their websites and increase traffic, hits and conversions. As every web designer knows, it is vital that your site stands out from the crowd. Images and graphics are important elements of a successful and visually appealing website and AI can help you when choosing the right imagery to fill your site. The many tools that are available to web designers through companies like Wix and GoDaddy that assist them in developing their site can customise and personalise the design to suit the brand styling and goals.

Using AI to develop effective marketing strategies

Artificial Intelligence can be utilised to effectively assess the success of your current websites marketing strategies and edit them accordingly. Programmes such as Machine Learning and Big Data Analysis can create new opportunities for businesses by helping them to understand how to develop their branding. They do this by using thorough customer data analysis of online behaviour and evaluation of different things that customers require from the company, such as price, preference of quality and online patterns of behaviour of the target demographic.


Artificial intelligence is an ever expanding and growing industry that when effectively utilised is a fantastic addition to any brands online marketing strategy. By making your website smarter through the use of AI, you are guaranteeing that your business is more likely to attract customers from your target demographic. Catering your site to their specific requirements will increase conversions, page visits and clicks.