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All About Oculus VR

Imagine the following scene. You’re at home, after a hard day at work. You want to enjoy a live concert, comedy gig or football match. But instead of switching on your TV, you put on a virtual reality headset. This transports you into a virtual world that makes you feel like you’re part of the audience as the event unfolds. 

This not a sci-fi scenario, it’s a reality. And it’s already happening. Oculus VR, a company owned by Facebook, has launched a social VR app known as Oculus Venues for watching live events.

In this blog from Blue Whale Media, the web design company Manchester, we’ll look at this app and the history of Oculus VR.

What Is Oculus Venues?

Oculus Venues is an app for virtual reality that is streaming live events throughout the summer of 2018. The occasions include concerts, stand-up gigs, American football games and the app allows you see the event as if you were actually there. The app is compatible with the Oculus Go, which launches in June 2018, or Samsung’s Gear VR headsets. And here at our website design Manchester agency, we’d like to explain that the app has the following benefits…

  • It gives a direct view of the action.
  • You become an avatar, and you’re surrounded by around 30 to 40 fellow avatars, who you can chat to. You can also overhear their conversations.
  • You can choose to switch seats and you can adjust the audio to your liking.

Who Are Oculus VR?

We’re naturally impressed with such innovations at our web design company Manchester. So here’s a bit more background on the company behind this app, Oculus VR.  

In short, Oculus VR is a technology company specialising in virtual reality hardware and software products, which was founded in 2012. After a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $2.4 million (a significant increase on the original target of $250,000) it made prototype headsets available to developers. Then its first headset, the Oculus Rift, went on sale to the public in 2016.

Facebook And Other Deals

The company was bought by Facebook in 2014 for $2.3billion in cash and stock. And Oculus VR acquired a British start up called Surreal Vision in 2015, with a view to developing products that would help telepresence (technologies that allow you to feel present in another location, such as a business meeting room).

In 2015, Oculus VR partnered with Samsung to create Samsung Gear VR, a headset compatible with Samsung smartphones.

Applications For The Rift

When it was launched, the Oculus Rift was a gaming device, suitable for many games from a first-person perspective. But here at our website design Manchester agency we’ve observed how it has branched out into other areas. These include…

  • Oculus Cinema – a free application that allows you to see conventional films, as if you were sitting inside a cinema.
  • Education – the device can help medical students, for instance, as they study areas like anatomy.
  • Television – the 2016 TV series Halcyon, which follows a VR crime unit in the future, made some episodes available as VR content for Oculus Rift.
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