All in Telecom

All In Telecom – 2021 Half-Year Review

Your website is your online business shop-front; you want to make sure you have one that showcases who you are and welcomes your customers within seconds. A cleanly designed website will do just that! 

The Blue Whale Media team has all been looking back on their projects from the last half-year; Laura, one of our graphic designers, has been working on a new website design for All In Telecom. 

What We Did

Our team at Blue Whale Media created a brand new website for All In Telecom; it is professional-looking and has an engaging design throughout every page. Each page has a clean design so that the user can easily navigate through and quickly find important information that they need. We all know the frustration of not finding the information we need because of a cluttered website design, so a clean design should enhance the overall brand. 

The design we have used is unique, including curved icons and images across the website; this helps their company stand out from the competition within the industry. Hover-based animations have been used on all buttons throughout the website to enhance the user experience and interaction. For added engagement, our designers also included icons on the Homepage and About Us pages.

To create a better user experience, we created a contact us form, which is simple and easy to use, which will help people communicate with the company. This will really help the company gain more customers who either want to enquire about their services or those who want more information. It gives people a way to actually contact All in Telecoms, and a contact us form has become a staple for all business websites. 

Importance of a cleanly designed website 

A clean website design focuses on the precise positioning of important elements placed throughout the layout. This type of design also conveys elegance and some companies that have used this approach successfully are Apple, Rackspace and PayPal. Finding information quickly is another aspect of clean web design, the main reason being that simple navigation structures showcase information better than a cluttered design. Having a clean design means that someone who can’t find what they’re looking for on any website page they land on and can get to what they need quickly.

Biggest Changes to All In Telecoms Website. 

The new website we built for All In Telecoms showcases many new features that will engage users for longer and enhance the whole look and feel of the site. The new website features include; hover animations on buttons, simple use of contact forms and create an overall unique design. This helps the company keep customers engaged and increases interactivity, which follows up in successful leads after visiting the website.

A clean web design is a perfect way to make it easy for your customers to do business with you online, which is the ultimate goal of your website. Why not get in touch with us today and see how our team at Blue Whale Media can help you and your business?