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Apple Launches the New 9.7 Inch iPad

Apple is a company known for its constant innovation in technology. Every time the organisation puts out a new computer, phone or tablet device, we find ourselves almost in a state of awe- as if we are looking at the very apex of modern technology.

But the reason the California born company reigns at the top, is due to their ability to consistently exceed their own achievements in technology.

Apple- a Company That Constantly Exceeds Their Own Achievements

The recent launch of the 9.7 inch iPad is testament to this ability and consumers only need to look as far back as April 2010- to the launch of the very first iPad, to see how far the technology has come over the last eight years to get a sense of the company’s continuous innovation and product development.

The first generation iPad had humble beginnings, the device set the precedent for tablet devices- establishing the user interface, device capabilities and networking potential.

Over the last eight years and subsequent generations of iPad, the device has improved in aesthetic design, app capabilities and networking.

So What’s New with the 9.7 Inch iPad?

Some examples of these developments can be seen in the latest 9.7 inch iPad. With its A10 fusion Chip affording capabilities such as the editing of 4K resolution video, smooth running augmented reality apps and seamless integration with the Apple Pencil- the latest generation iPad is the best friend for any creative mind.

How Does Blue Whale Media Make Use of iPad Technology?

Blue Whale Media has four iPads in house that are used for a variety of different creative and tech based endeavours.

You can expect to find Blue Whale Media’s web designers Harry, Sam and Stef checking current website builds’ mobile responsiveness via iPad, Lewis the In House Graphic Designer flicking through colour palates and design ideas on the tablet device and Toby the In House Content Writer, taking advantage of the quick page loading times- jumping through website pages for blog topic research.

We have made iPads an integral part of our business, taking advantage of the many benefits they have to offer individuals in the creative industry.

How Does Blue Whale Media Try to Be Like Apple?

We at Blue Whale Media take inspiration from Apple and other organisations that are constantly developing and pushing the limits of their own service and offerings.

Blue Whale is a company that has similarly come from humble beginnings, expanding from a two person operation to a 12 person agency in the space of six years.

We incorporate the latest technologies into our business to expand our own limits, the most recent example being our upcoming service of drone technology.

Soon you can expect to see the Blue Whale Media drone taking to the sky to capture 5.2K resolution on behalf of clients for promotional use.

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