Apple and Samsung fined by Italian authorities over slow phones

Apple and Samsung have been fined by Italian authorities for using software updates to slow down phones. The fine was implemented after several complaints that were reported by mobile phone users including some that were noticed by users from Warrington web design Company. The authorities said that such software updates caused serious malfunctions and reduced performance significantly. The software updates made phones slow which upset many users who complained that the malfunctions made mobile phone usage uncomfortable.

Cause of the Fine

The main cause of the fine was the move used by Samsung and Apple phone to push people to buy new devices. Apple and Samsung deliberately made software that was meant to slow down mobile phones. They then encouraged mobile phone users to upgrade their mobile phone software without informing them of their intentions, a move that was detested by serious tech companies that include the Warrington web design company.

The updates caused serious malfunctions to mobile phones and slowed them down significantly. As a result, mobile phone users were provoked to upgrade their mobile phones. The authorities say that Apple and Samsung companies encouraged users to upgrade operating system software without making it clear to them the demands that the new software would make on their smartphones. Tech specialists such as the Warrington web design experts view that this was an inconvenience that called for attention.

According to tech experts from Warrington web design, both companies should have found a way of making mobile phone users know the effects that the software could cause to their mobile phones.

The Extent of The Fine

Apple and Samsung were fined differently depending on the extent inconveniences they caused mobile users. Both Apple and Samsung were fined 5 million euros for using software updates that slowed down mobile phones. Apple was additionally fined 5 million euros for failing to give customers clear information about how to replace handset batteries.

Last year, Apple acknowledged that the iPhone software slowed down phones that had battery problems. However, the company denied that it had done anything deliberately to shorten the life of their products.

Apple is still under probe by United States government for its phone slow down. If they are found to have a case to answer, then that could mean another fine.

According to Italian authorities, the two firms failed to provide adequate information about the effect of the new software or a way of restoring the original functionality of their mobile phones.
Experts such as those from at the Warrington web design point out that the situation could have been much different if both companies had informed customers on how to restore their devices to their previous states.

Response from the companies

Samsung said that the decision to issue them a fine was a disappointment and it was planning to appeal. According to Samsung’s spokesman, Samsung did not issue any software update that reduced the performance of Galaxy Note 4. He said that instead, Samsung has always released software updates that enabled their customers to have the best mobile phone experience. Apple, on the other hand, has made no comments regarding the same.

Experts from Warrington web design argue that such fines will help keep companies from exploiting mobile phone users.