Are Instagram Ads Worth It?

Are Instagram Ads Worth It?

We know Instagram ads are a key component of your digital strategy, but many people may not be sure what is so great about them. Instagram is powered by one of the biggest online companies in the world, Facebook. Many people may not fully understand Instagram ads in 2021. Others may believe that Instagram ads are a waste of time and money. But this isn’t so true. 

You may be wondering what Instagram ads are, and how you can use them to grow your business and brand. In this blog we discuss what Instagram ads are, why they are important, how much they cost and how this fits in with your overall digital marketing strategy.

What are Instagram ads?

Instagram ads are posts or stories that a business pays for to promote their content to a particular target audience. Although they look like normal posts, they have a small sponsored label attached to them. Most businesses will use Instagram ads when they are trying to reach people outside of their existing following. The ads that are produced help drive qualified users to your content. Instagram ads can do wonders for a small business in helping them to increase their brand awareness.

Why are Instagram ads Important? 

Instagram ads are important for many reasons. Those reasons can differ for every business, depending on what goals they want to achieve. We believe there are 3 main reasons for any business to use Instagram ads:

  1. Instagram has lots of attention resulting in your business being able to talk with your customer base almost everyday 
  2. You are able to target specific audiences meaning you can reach more people
  3. Using Instagram ads means you can leave a lasting impression on your audiences, meaning they will be more likely to remember you in the future

How much do Instagram ads cost? 

There is no single answer to this question of how much Instagram ads cost. This is because many different factors impact the cost of your advertising, such as, the target audience, the ad placement, the ad format and the competition. It is better to have a budget in mind when creating your ads, and deciding on how much you are willing to spend to see results. You are able to set your budgets to as little as £1 per day if you wanted to, although this would mean you would see less to no results.

Tips for Instagram ads 

To give yourself the best chance at success for advertising on Instagram, you need to ensure you showcase the best you have to offer with an engaging image/video and caption. If you are not sure which post to use, it is a good idea to take a look at the type of content that has been successful for you in the past. 

Although Instagram ads don’t seem that simple, they actually are. You just need to ensure you have a clear objective, you are tracking your results regularly, and provide value to your ads.