Augmented Reality Spectacles

Augmented reality (AR) spectacles are wearable computer smart glasses that add extra information alongside what the wearer sees.AR glasses are equipped with cameras that have high image resolution and enable you to handle 3d objects easily. There are many varieties of AR glasses that differ in design and functional features.

Cast AR

This AR consists of a pair of glasses and a surface to scan. The camera is located in the middle of the lenses. Cast AR has a magic wand that enables you to move augmented objects around the expanded world and come up with augmented architectural designs.

Moverio BT -200

This AR set of smart glasses has features that enable you to watch HD contents. It has a front facing camera, motion sensors, built-in Dolby digital system, microphone, compass, and projector. It has a resolution power of 960* 540 and enables you to play games, watch videos and navigate without losing touch with the actual world. These AR smart glasses have to be continuously connected to an Android device.


Meta AR has a unique feature that enables you to overlay augmented reality on top of actual reality. It allows you to easily manipulate 3D objects with the capability to carry out fully fledged 3D modelling. Its spectacles include 3D HD display and sound, motion tracking, camera, and high-quality lenses.

Vuzix M-100

This AR glasses relay direct information from a wearable monocular has a camera and processing features. This type of AR glasses is mainly used for commercial and medical processes. It is highly compatible with Android applications and has a dictation system that utilizes the nuance of communication speech-to-text software.

Laser See Thru

This is a wireless AR eyewear which depends on a series of location and GPS to come up with an augmented world. This eyewear is not equipped with a camera and is used for sporting activities and events. It gives live information about what is happening around you. It features wireless communication, navigation, tracker and smartphone communication.


Icis resembles ordinary glasses but still is loaded with a camera, speaker, battery, microphone, and a circuit board. Icis is highly compatible and connects to android, windows, and IOS using blue tooth. Icis has a feature that enables you to select the apps that you would like to feature in its widgets.


Opt invent ORA-S is see-through eyewear that has brighter and bigger resolution. It has two operational modes, namely the standard AR and the glance mode. The standard mode enables you to view objects at a zero degree angle while the glance mode allows you to see objects from a twenty-degree angle. This eyewear has sound, microphone, memory and is compatible with Android 4.2.2. It is a hands-free wearable computer option.

Glass UP

This is a wearable computer with a display that projects in monochrome as compared to full colour to give longevity to its battery. It has a projector that enables you to read notifications that are far away. It has RSS reading and emailing capabilities, hearing aids and translations display for those talking in different languages.