Custom packaging and product designs for BACH95

Custom Company Packaging Designs For BACH95

Custom Packaging protects the class, charisma, and touch of elegance of any product. This is why custom packaging is getting more and more popular all around the world. It also increases the visibility of your brand in a way that few other product elements do.

At Blue Whale Media, we can create an impact on your product packaging that will engage with your targeted consumer. Packaging design is key to building brand recognition and your brand’s packaging is another element of your marketing strategy. By creating a connection between your colour scheme, imagery, typography and relevant information, we can use this to create a design for professional packaging.

We have recently been working on packaging designs for a small beer company in the North West. Our expert graphic design team has fully customised the packaging designs for the BAC95 Beer Cans. The Beer Cans and packaging have been designed to display the brand logo and brand colours; our team has executed this project to the highest standard. 

The impact of packaging design is everything and for BACH95, the packaging will be the first thing that consumers engage with, whether on a website or on a shop shelf. 

Whether it’s food or product packaging, we can help you with every aspect of the project. Our design team at Blue Whale Media can create a bespoke design for your packaging that is on-brand and gets your product flying off the shelves. 

Why is it So Important?

Customers are drawn to products that look good. The key part of marketing a product is ensuring it sells. While an exciting and eye-catching logo does play a big part in marketing a product, nothing comes as close as the effects of visually appealing packaging. Packaging should capture the consumer’s attention, but you should also provide packaging that serves its purpose. Research has shown that 45% of consumers are taking to social media to share their negative views. If your packaging doesn’t deliver, don’t be surprised by an online backlash.

It is part of the experience.

For many consumers, the “unboxing” experience will be as important to them as the joy of using the product. It’s a gateway that can elevate your product and branding to the next level. While the packaging may play a role in delivering a luxury experience, it can play an important role in delivering trust signals for everyday products. The package design should reflect your product’s experience; for example, an eco-friendly product should be made of sustainable materials. If you’re selling a luxury product, you should use high-end materials.

Does your package display your company logo? 

Does it make use of your company branding, for example, colours, fonts and trademarks? 

If not, it’s time for a redesign. You don’t miss this opportunity to create a lasting impression on the shelf and in the minds of your customers.

Our expert design team at Blue Whale Media works to maximise your brand’s potential with a compelling package design. Get in touch with us today for more information about our packaging and graphic design services.