Best B2B videos to inspire your corporate videos

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next corporate B2B corporate video, you will need something to make it stand out from the rest of your competitors.

The reason corporate B2B videos are effective is that they resonate with the target audience. A video can also build trust through genuineness and authenticity of your brand; being honest and human will help you to reinforce this.

Here are some of the best B2B videos we’ve seen:

Slack – ‘So yeah, we’ve tried Slack.’

This is a business to business case study video; it tells the story of the tool they’re creating for communication and how they fell in love with it. It may sound complicated; however, the video’s execution is clean and well-paced. The video is well-balanced and has some serious moments as well as humorous ones, so it is never too scripted. Slack has created the video to highlight the most useful features of the product while always coming back to the benefits for the business using it. The video’s quirky premise is enough to keep the audience engaged.

Volvo Trucks – ‘The Epic Split.’

This business to business promotional video tells the story of the company, their showmanship and the spectacle of products. Action superstar Jean Claude Van Damme performs the splits between two Volvo trucks driving backward as he stands on their wing mirrors. It is a subtle but perfect illustration of how videos can sometimes be more effective when barely talking about the product at all. The spotlight is on the stuntman; people will love Volvo for not shoving their products in our faces and for creating an extravaganza.

HubSpot – ‘What is HubSpot?’

This is an explainer B2B video and rather than starting with the products and services, they offer HubSpot begin with their audience and what they care about. Within the video, they talk about specific marketing concerns, such as tracking ROI and other analytic software. The video has a simple script to accompany clear footage and animation; the viewer feels confident, supported and empowered by this format. The video succeeds in getting the message across and shows that HubSpot can help marketers stress less and do more.

Adobe – ‘Click baby click.’

Adobe has put humour at the heart of its corporate video; the video shows a company selling printed encyclopedias that are seeing a massive surge in sales. However, it turns out to be a ‘tech-savvy’ baby repeatedly placing orders on a tablet. While it’s clear that Adobe’s video is costly, Adobe has perfectly positioned its brand in just one minute, which is a skill that money cannot buy. The reason humor works is because it’s hugely entertaining and impactful on the audience.

Hootsuite – ‘Mean Tweets.’

The social media management platform has taken its inspiration from the Twitter trend that Jimmy Kimmel started called mean tweets. This is where people read out mean tweets about themselves, but why should a brand do so too? Conveniently the video coincided with a new design update. This meant that the brand would be able to recognise and acknowledge negative comments while counteracting them. The idea of the video is that it instills a sense of communication, Hootsuite is a company who listens to its customers.

You don’t have to have a big budget to tell a story or entertain your audience; the point is to get creative and think outside the box. Ideally, you want your video to tell a story; this can be emotive or informational as long as it leads the viewer through to the end.