How to Write the Best Content for SEO

What is SEO and why is it important?

The significance of SEO, aka Search Engine Optimisation, in online content creation cannot be overstated. With literally thousands of similar contents floating about the internet, SEO is your only reliable tool to make sure your content appear unique.

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of enhancing the quality of your website contents to improve its search engine ranking. So, typically a higher SEO score will ensure your website appears on top of the search engine.

Studies have shown that almost 75% of the people do not go past the first website that appears on Google search results. 

If that stat does not convince you to improve the quality of your website’s SEO content. What will?

Best tips to write quality website SEO contents

  1. Target the relevant keywords

If SEO could be integrated into a single word, “Keyword” would undoubtedly be on top of that list. If you want to improve your website’s visibility on Google search engine, focus on targeting the right keywords for your specific service category.

Conduct extensive researches to understand what type of keywords your specific audience prioritize. In addition to simply obtaining the right keywords, take time to understand what type of information the audience requires as well.

  1. Produce informative and authentic contents

Quality contents and SEO go hand-in-hand. You might as well squeeze in a thousand different keywords to enhance your SEO score.


If your content is mediocre, well, that’s not going to help. Is it? As mentioned earlier, it is equally important to understand the type of information a customer expects when they search for a specific keyword.

Write contents that are authentic and easy-to-read, but most importantly informative to keep the readers engaged throughout the article.

  1. Host diverse contents under one roof

So, assume you have different sources of information related to your website – Blog posts for instance. In such cases, instead of hosting the blogs in a separate WordPress, create a subfolder and host the contents under a single domain name.

The number of unique content diversity on your webpage can only enhance its online reputation and visibility. In addition, also make sure to incorporate images, videos, or any other type of visual aids that can grasp the reader’s attention.

  1. Speed up your webpage

Did you know?

A good 47% of visitors expect websites to load up within two seconds or less.

More importantly,

40% of people will leave the website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load up the contents.

For the smartphone audience, the number is even more significant with a staggering 53% of people opting to exit the page.

The logic is simple – people do not want to invest their time unnecessarily waiting for a page to load up. No amount of top-notch SEO content is going to matter if people refuse to get past the loading phase itself.

Hence, focus on optimizing your webpage to ensure quick loading speed.

  1. Engaging headlines

You know what they say – the first impression is the last impression. That couldn’t have been more appropriate in the case of SEO contents. Your headline is the first thing that connects the audience to your webpage.

Experts say that people read headlines up to five times as many as the body copy. This makes the role of an engaging and powerful headline even more relevant than what you might actually think.

Final thoughts

If you want to stay ahead of the competition in a plagiarism-filled digital marketing ecosystem, creating SEO contents is your best option. Invest in the best SEO Nantwich can offer and make sure to implement all the crucial tips to ensure you keep your business afloat.