The best types of visual content to use for your blogs.

Best Visual Content To Use For Blogs

Firstly, what is visual content? Visual content is simply online content that has different types of visual elements. It can come in many forms like infographics, memes, screenshots, pictures, slide decks, charts, diagrams, and online videos. The visual content blog is also known as content blogging. It connects with users through visual content like mini-infographics, infographics, and images. 

Why Is Visual Content Important For Blogs?

Visuals are easy to process and comprehend. It can also convey a message to readers directly and engagingly. Visual content is essential for the blog as it is the best and way to tell your story and about the brand. Visual content is a successful method and tool to market your blogs on social media. Many businesses use visual content in their blogs to gain more visitors, followers, shares, and likes. It is also a way to pull in more traffic and increase revenue and clients.

We will highlight the best types of visual content and multi-media you can use to enhance your blogs, according to our own native content writers at Blue Whale Media.

Best Types Of Visual Content To Use

Listed below are 12 of the best visual content for your blog:


You should always use standard photos for your content. There are many sites which offer free stock images. You can always use those free images if you don’t have money for a professional photographer.


It can help you with backlinks, bring in traffic, and it helps in social media shares. By merely using infographics in your blog posts, you don’t need to write extended content.


By adding this to your article, it gives a light touch to your content in the blog. It is essential to create a standard meme pattern within the content to ensure you don’t over-do it and lose your audience. You can always use the meme at the end or beginning of an article.


There are various tools available on the internet to create screenshots. You can put details by inserting basic shapes, arrows, or explanatory text on the screenshot to convey your message. Screenshots are the easiest way to develop visual content for blog posts.

Data-driven visuals

It is always good to create data-driven visual content by designing them as graphs and charts. It will make users quickly absorb your message. 


Using GIFs in your post will increase the view time on the blog. It is easy to share in social media, show the human side in the blog, and show that your brand knows internet trends.

SlideShare presentation

SlideShare presentation is an essential way to show your thoughts in the blog through visual content. It merely puts your PowerPoint presentation online. It is vital to make an attractive presentation to stand out from other websites.  


Flipbooks is a custom print magazine, which you can publish in the blog. It is a flash-based e-book, which lets visitors turn the pages on the screen. It would be best if you had particular conversion software to make a flipbook. This is a new trend, which many blogs don’t use. 


It is a resourceful means to express a message. The illustrations of a blog should look professional, and it should reflect the message and tone of the brand. You can always hire a professional designer to make illustrations attractive as it adds an aesthetic element to a blog.


It is a file type with a static and animated image. Gifographics is the animated form of infographics. If you know how to use infographics, gifographics is the next level, and it adds movements. 


It is beneficial for the visual content on blogs. Always try to use video to expand its role in the blog content. 


Putting quotes to your visual content with renowned names that users know well will help make a statement. It is a way to produce non-promotional posts. It is a way to represent your content in a short form to get your content seen.


It is not necessary to use all the visual content in blog posts. Check and see which type of content suits the best for the blog post. Pick the one that the readers will be interested in and see the traffic it brings to your blog posts.