Best Website Homepage Designs to Convert

Boosting conversions is one of the topmost goals of every marketer. Your website’s design can play a crucial role here. Our website design Manchester team believe you need a website that doesn’t just look pretty; you’re looking for a website that converts visitors. However, a lot of your visitors perceive your credibility from your website’s design. If the design is not professional, or simply unattractive, your visitors will simply leave your site. Our website design Manchester team has put together a brief guide to help you build a conversion friendly website.

Go Responsive – Tips From A Website Design Manchester Team

Mobile browsing has exploded massively over the last few years. In fact, a lot of people exclusively rely on their mobiles for web browsing. With more and more people using smartphones for Internet access, it only makes sense to invest in a website that delivers the best experience on mobile devices. A responsive web design ensures that your website adapts to the size of the screen it’s accessed on whether it is a mobile, tablet or a desktop. Hire a professional website design Manchester agency for best results.

Make Use of White Space

White space is the space that’s not occupied by any web design elements. So how can empty space impact conversions? Well, in the absence of white space, your website will be cramped and unreadable. Imagine living in a room the size of a cupboard. Would that even attract you? The same works for your website. So make use of white space to give some breathing space to the various elements of your website. This will deliver maximum impact, engage your visitors and eventually lead them to your CTA. An experienced website design Manchester agency will make judicious use of white space to deliver a stunning experience.

Colour It Up

Colour plays a crucial role when it comes to user experience. However, it’s one of the most underutilised aspects in web design. Be sure to choose a colour scheme that will invoke the emotion you want your brand to convey. Be sure to use contrast to your advantage. Your call to action, headlines and text should all be easy to notice and recognise. And there’s no better way to do that than using contrasting colours. So ensure your crucial elements (CTA and headlines) stand out using contrasting colours. Work with a professional website design Manchester agency for best results.

High Quality Images

Say no to low quality images as they directly impact your credibility and brand value. Not only do they fail to impress your visitors, they will create a negative perception about your perception. So be sure to invest in high quality images. Avoid using generic stock photos that are bland, lifeless and irrelevant. When your website includes compelling images, your conversion rates are sure to improve. So hire a website design Manchester agency that makes use of high quality photographs.

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