Best WordPress plugins to enhance your website design

The Best WordPress Plugins For Your Website Design

WordPress acts as the perfect gold standard for any business launch or website development. It offers methods for easily building websites for business owners. It also offers a developer tag for more advanced custom needs. Plugins form as the one essential and vital element to the WordPress website design.

The plugins tend to assist in generating, site customization, compiling leads and analytics, etc. It acts as the cornerstone to the ultimate and perfect website design. It doesn’t matter if you are a designer creating a site for customers or a business owner trying to launch a wide online presence. You will surely benefit from using WordPress plugins.

What Is a WordPress Plugin? Why Is It Important?

A WordPress Plugin consists of a software piece that contains a group of functionalities, which can be added to the WordPress website. Plugins can extend the functionality and also insert newer features to the websites of your WordPress. The WordPress Plugins are naturally written within the programming language of PHP, and it incorporates seamlessly with WordPress.

Plugins in WordPress are important for the following reasons:

  • For speeding your blog.
  • For securing your blog.
  • To schedule complete backups.
  • To manage the editorial procedure and teams.
  • To grow and expand the email list.
  • Blog optimization for the search engines.
  • It helps in easily blocking spam comments and encouraging social sharing.

Speed Booster Pack

The site’s speed is a crucial factor for Google ranking. It is vital for offering a top-quality user experience. When the readers are clicking through to a site but the loading time is slow, they will immediately get frustrated. They will end up abandoning your site and end up on the page of your competitor. So, you can see how important the speed of your website is.

The Speed Booster Pack is a type of WordPress plugin that will help you effectively. This pack automated and corrects multiple common speed problems. It easily minimizes the clunky scripts, optimizes the database calls, compresses the images, and loads CSS in an asynchronous manner. This plugin does everything it can to speed up the loading time of the page. It is crucial, especially with the new norm of mobile searches.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Speaking about ranking factors in Google and increased mobile searches, we need to also shift our focus on AMP for WordPress. It is referring to Accelerated Mobile Pages for website pages. It might appear to be complicated based on the perpetual changes of Google; however, it doesn’t have to be the same for WP with AMP.

AMP for WP consists of a plugin in WordPress, which automatically supports Accelerated Mobile Pages for your website. Here, you just need to upload the WordPress plugin to your site. After that, you will be ready to capitalize and enjoy the increased traffic on mobile search.

Modula Photo Gallery

The customers are always interested in high visual content. It is also a lead to all the business owners and website designers who are on the lookout for more spaces in web pages to place their images. The majority of them utilize image galleries, which come with their WordPress themes but average customization abilities.

You need to employ the Modula Photo Gallery to get a top customizable experience. This WordPress plugin is perfectly fitting for the ultimate site design. It is excellent for site managers and developers interested in showcasing aesthetic image galleries for boosting visual content. In this way, it increases the user engagement level.

WordFence Security

The issues concerning malware, firewall, and site security are at an all-time high. Today, website security is more crucial than ever. It is a major problem for all WordPress business owners, developers, and designers. So, we recommend you utilize WordFence Security to combat all the security threats. This plugin can easily reduce all the online risks.

This plugin monitors the malware scanner and online attack attempts, which block all the malicious code and requests. Plus, it has also added features such as the two-factor authentication method. It will ultimately both you and your customer’s website safer at all times. With WordFence Security, you don’t have to worry about sudden security hacks and breaches anymore.

Everest Forms

Website forms form an important factor to the lead generation, regardless of these forms being for registration opt-in or contact information. So, you need to possess an impressive call-to-action form for getting those leads, which users find easy, simple, and non-intrusive to fill out.

Everest forms make the process of generating leads so much easier. Both the user and website designer find it super easy to use. Plus, the drag and drop tool for form creation is extremely user-friendly. Also, the form goes through mobile optimization, which is crucial for offering a top user performance and experience.

Google Analyticator

Tracking the success of your WordPress website is required for growth and expansion. One of the best methods to do this is through Google Analytics. However, the procedure can be quite confusing inside the interface of Google. This Google Analyticator plugin makes tracking easier for Google Analytics. This plugin enables you to observe the site traffic, keywords, downloads, referrals, top pages, etc. This data will go a long way in increasing your marketing efforts, allowing you to reap maximum benefits.


Jetpack works by combining the website functionality, which is WordPress hosted, with sites that are self-hosted. It possesses a ton of benefits because it is from the WordPress family. Once you incorporate this plugin into your site or client’s, you will receive timely stats, social media compatibility, email subscriptions, etc.

Jetpack also has strong marketing services such as automated social posting, SEO tools, and options for PayPal. This plugin is worth it because you get to exercise more of these features. The majority of these themes come with a pre-enabled Jetpack. In this way, you will enjoy the support from the get-go.

The Verdict

Designing your website with these WordPress plugins is nothing but pure art. There is an array of variables associated with this procedure. Providing a great user experience help elevate website conversions and engagement. You can start this journey by using any one of these plugins today. From aesthetics to the widget plugins, you will find a plugin that will meet your need and interests. We are positive that any one of these seven plugins will do the job for you.