Blue Whale Media 1 month Later

Wow, it’s been a month already. Now I know what you’re thinking. A month isn’t a long time. You’re right, however, It only feels like last week that I started. The office moves at a very fast pace and I often find myself having to work on multiple tasks at once. By no means am I being overworked. Trust me, I have worked in environments where they expect every ounce of your effort to go into the business. Blue Whale Media is not like that at all. Even though it is fast paced, it is still a very relaxed environment. It’s the kind of workspace that I have been trying so hard to find. The bosses understand that you’re a person and not just a number in the system. One thing that I have struggled with in my short working life (about 3 years) is that managers don’t understand that how you treat your staff is how they will treat your customers.

How I have settled into the team

The team are a friendly bunch. During my first week, they made me feel very welcome. In the months since I have only settled in more. I am a very outgoing and confident person by nature, but when I enter a new environment I get quite shy and nervous. This feeling didn’t last long at Blue Whale Media. I was welcomed in with open arms and for the first time in my life, I feel part of a team. I love my job, even though it is challenging for me at the moment, I am learning a lot about Digital Agencies and business in general.

Job Role

So what do I actually do at Blue Whale Media? Well, I do admin work as well as digital marketing. In the first couple of weeks, I just did admin work. Making sure that all information is easily accessible for the team. This is so that Web Designers or Graphics designers can have a client brief right in front of them. From there they action their tasks with ease. My job is not the most important in the office, however, if there wasn’t an admin team then there would be a lot of confusion in the office.

Why Blue Whale is the perfect job for me

I joined Blue Whale Media so I could pursue a career inside digital marketing, as this is an area that I am extremely interested in and I also believe that I could excel at it.

I have a lot of very strong beliefs when it comes to the way that the world is going. One of these beliefs is that the Internet is definitely not going anywhere any time soon. This is quite obvious in the sense that the internet is all around us. Our entire lives are surrounding the internet. However, I have some very extreme theories that may or may not come true. With that being said, as soon as I start to see one of my theories begin, then I’m going all in. I have so many wild thoughts about digital marketing and the internet in general and this job role helps me to explore all avenues and give some depth to my ideas.

What I have learned so far

A month isn’t a long period of time. Despite this, I have learned a tremendous amount about what it takes to establish an online presence. Only now have I realised how naïve I really was. I now understand that to really get your business/brand out there, you have to cover all bases. Before Blue Whale Media I only thought about marketing on social media. If you were building a personal brand inside of social media then this could work and has worked for a lot of people, but as I’ve said, for a business you have to cover all bases.
By this I mean you have to think about SEO, PPC, Email etc. Relying on just social media is essentially putting all of your eggs in one basket.

My Final Thoughts

Although I started at Blue Whale doing admin work, I am thoroughly enjoying the digital marketing work that I have been assigned. It is a job role that I can see myself excelling at and would like to pursue it as a career. Overall, I really enjoy my job as well as the team that I work with. Everybody in the office is extremely friendly and I couldn’t ask for a better environment to be part of.

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