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Blue Whale Media Launches Brand New Support Website

Blue Whale Media is a website design Warrington agency dedicated to helping and improving the online presence of businesses through innovation in web design and digital marketing.

We work with businesses, changing the way they operate through the integration of technology, providing bespoke solutions to their various needs.

As well as building great looking and responsive websites, we also offer support packages for clients to make sure that their websites run smoothly at all times with little or no down time.

But what can our support services offer you and your organisational website?

A Brand New Place for Support Requests  

To make your life (and ours) that bit easier, Blue Whale Media has launched a brand new website solely to take support requests from customers.

A link to the website can be found on the full Blue Whale Media website at the bottom which if followed will take you straight to the support page’s website.

Here you will be faced with a form, the form asks you to fill in a few simple questions relating to your details and the nature of your support request.

Simply fill in the contact form and you can expect to hear from us in due course!

What Kind of Support Requests Can You Lodge?

Support requests come in all shapes and sizes, if your website is experiencing down time for whatever reason or your need an urgent update completing to bring your website up to speed- you can fill in a form to make the request.

However, we are not only here for when things go wrong- if you have any amendments that you would like doing to the website (e.g new products adding to your website, a change to the images or anything else) then this can be included in your support package.

What is Involved in Your Support Package?

If you chose to pay for the support package available through Blue Whale Media, your hosting fee will be included and you will have the constant reassurance of our team always being available to help should you need us.

More specifically, you get an hour of our time each month. This extends to any team member whether you need changes to your website’s structure, a new sliding image creating or the text changing on your site- we are here to help.

All you need to do is fill in your support request and our team will pick it up in no time.

A Warrington Website Design Agency Here to Support You

Blue Whale Media is a Warrington website design agency here to help you. Our team of designers, experts and technicians are capable of build you a fully responsive website and ensuring it runs smoothly at all times.

As well as building websites, we also provide digital marketing and a variety of creative and technology based services. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help your business grow and develop.

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