Blue Whale Media Marketing Review 2019

As the year draws to an end, it’s a great opportunity to take a look back on the year and review the marketing plan that was set in place for 2019. It’s been quite a busy year for the company as a whole but for the marketing side of things, a lot has changed. We’ve added new members to the team, rebranded, developed our photos and switched up our content


The rebranding idea for the company started earlier in the year but had been on our minds for a while. We started by choosing a new colour scheme for our branding. We wanted something more professional than previous colours but also wanted something more monotone and sleek.

We went for an array of colours including navy, grey and gold as the most prominent ones. With the rebranding, we also created a brand new logo that would fully represent the new look we wanted to portray. With that, came a new website, new leaflets, new roller banners and much more. So far, I would say that we are heading in the right direction with the new branding and can’t wait to see how it develops next year.

Blue Whale Media Brand Colours

Sleek MailChimps

To go alongside the new branding and website, we wanted to update our Mailchimps too. We have finally found the right balance and have created a few templates that are the start of our new designs. In the new email marketing campaigns, we have added animation, videos, new layouts and used our very own photos. All the emails use our new branding including both colour scheme and fonts. We are predominantly using white boxes to place the text in along with monochrome images that use our colour scheme. The overall new design looks sleek and modern which is something we are aiming for.

Original Photography

Linking in with the MailChimps, I mentioned before that we were using our own photos. This idea started when we found that we were using the same old photos for every part of our marketing campaigns. 

As an agency, we realised that this wasn’t a great look so when the rebranding started we thought it was a great opportunity to produce our own photography. Myself and the media team teamed up to plan around new images that we would use on social media, email campaigns, blog images and our new website. The ideas I had, featured a lot of screens so we could add example work.

 We also wanted to incorporate our branding in some of the images so using our business cards with our logo on is a great way to still have our presence in the photos. Another side to the images is the more personal side. For the new website, we created new headshots of the team and also took photos of our team in action or behind the scenes. If you follow us on social media, then you will have probably noticed our videography team pop up in their drone jackets.

Latest Blog Image
 Social Media Graphics

On the other side of the original images, we decided to switch up our social media graphics. Firstly, we needed to incorporate our new branding with the colour schemes, images and shapes. One example would be the logo graphics we created which feature 6 different alterations of a company’s logo and our graphic designers added comments regarding each separate logo. Another social graphic we created was the ‘go live’ images.

These feature a shot of the website homepage on a background that links to the colour scheme of the website. If you haven’t seen these yet then I suggest you do as they look sleek and perfect for showcasing the website. In addition to this, we also designed a graphic that would promote our blogs on our website. In the past, we have usually just posted the link with a bit of explanation about the blog but with the rebranding, we have actually created an image that includes the blog title and image to catch user’s attention on the social media platforms. When you look at our social media platforms now, you will see more consistency than ever before.

Website Portfolio Image
Reviewing Marketing

Looking back on the marketing in 2019, I think we have worked quite well to stay in line with the new branding and I think the new sleek look has done wonders for our social media platforms, email campaigns, promotional videos and website. It has been a busy year and I think this has been a year of finding our feet with the basics of the new branding and finding out what works for us going forward. In 2020, I am looking to finalise our marketing with the new branding. I’m going to plan for each social media platform and simplify our posts.