Blue Whale Media Prepares for Christmas

It’s that time of year again…Christmas… Anyone who knows the team at Blue Whale Media Ltd in Birchwood knows that the office is fairly evenly split on the topic of Christmas. We have one group who LOVE it and wish it could start earlier, and then we have the other who react like it’s a swear word if we even mention the word. But like it or not its well on the way.

Why does Christmas matter so much to Blue Whale Media?

As a web design agency, we are hit in many ways by Christmas. It is globally the busiest time of year for all e-commerce websites. So, as we manage a fair few we have various different tasks to pre-prep before the season officially kicks off on with Black Friday.

For the likes of Whisky Collectables, we have new email marketing designs being prepared by our marketing and graphic design team, together with seasonal graphics for the website and social media platforms. They also have a huge push at Christmas with PPC and have had an individual advert prepared for each of their products. This all takes a lot of time and organisation so to spread the burden we started this work in September.

What other reasons make Christmas Important at Blue Whale Media?

We also tend to have a mad rush on websites at this time of year. Everyone’s back from the summer holidays and are now on the run up to Christmas and the new year. This tends to mean that as many people as possible would like their websites live before January to ensure they can start the new year afresh with new marketing. This leads to a huge influx in information being provided by clients and subsequently more websites in build and going live. This week alone we have five set to go live. So keep an eye out.

You might wonder if every department is busy

The answer is a resounding yes. This is most defiantly the busy time of year. The marketing teams have their schedules full of different companies Christmas preparation in addition to our own. They are responsible for all the upcoming competitions, marketing documents, email marketing, Christmas Cards and so much more. Then all of that preparation gets passed to the design team to create all the graphics. This then passes onto the website designers to ensure all the amendments are actioned on the websites. So yes it’s a full team effort at this time of year.

What should you expect from Blue Whale Media this Holiday Season

We have lots planned. We have our annual 25 days of Christmas Competitions which will start on our Social Media platforms from 1st December. Then we have spent a lot of time and effort in ensuring our email marketing is ready for the Holiday season. If you aren’t on our mail list, make sure you subscribe now.

We have been hard at work creating our 2018 achievements video which we can’t wait to share with you all. Then we also have our new meet the team characters which will all be dressed up for Christmas and ready to view on our website on 1st December 2018.

Our office is having a makeover for the holiday season and will feature our real Christmas tree, door bows, secret Santa stockings, Christmas video on the screens, Christmas Music playlist and even a naughty elf on the shelf.

What’s the best bit about working at Blue Whale Media at Christmas?

I believe it’s the energy. A little cliché but we are such a close team that the Holiday season becomes extra special. We have lost on just for the staff from Gingerbread cookie design competition, Hot Chocolates with cream & marshmallows, Christmas Quiz, Christmas Pub Lunch, Christmas Jumper Day and then the never to be forgotten Christmas Party.

We hope you all have an amazing holiday season and if you would like to get your project booked in for Christmas 2018 please do so soon by calling us on 01925 552050!

From Stephanie Sweeney (Operations Director & Mrs Santa Claus here at Blue Whale Media)

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