Set Up

On the 31st of October, Stef, Lewis, Eve, Sam and myself went to Haydock Park Racecourse to set up for the business fair the day after. It was a simple process as we could only take a selection of things like Roller Banners and Leaflets and ensuring everything was in place for the day after like power supply etc. No surprises that we weren’t going to take all of the iPads and Mac’s with us the day before.


Sam, Lewis and I had to arrive at 8 o’clock due to us being the production team and we were filming for the chamber on the day. While Sam started by filming the original shots, Lewis and I made sure all of our stalls were ready and had a look around at potential new clientele. We consulted the shot list to find the shots we needed to get whilst people were arriving, such as the shot of the cars approaching the event. The drone footage of the racecourse/venue had to be done before the public turned up.


At roughly 10:30 the breakfast meeting took place, meaning that Eve had to leave me on my stall alone. However, it wasn’t open to the public at this point, so it was rather quiet. We had two other stalls other than the drone and videography stall, these were the Web Design and SEO stall and the other was the Social Media and Content. Harry and Matthew manned the Web Design stall, while Holli and Amber watched over the other one. The morning did start off rather slowly, so we decided to take matters in our own hands and make Lewis do a drone exhibition. Quite a lot of people had seen the drone and paid a lot of interest.


One of the funniest things to happen during the day happened at lunch, we decided to go to a Greggs/Pound Bakery for lunch and like we normally do, we transferred the money to Eve and then I decided to go and order and pick it all up because I knew where I was. Ordered a hell of a lot of food from Pound Bakery and they didn’t take card… So, I ended up sprinting round Ashton to find a bank machine to get cash out from someone else’s card, which was slightly odd.


More people were turning up in the afternoon and that meant there were more people to talk to, while Eve was going to her talks, Lewis and I were talking to the public and at quarter past on every hour, Lewis did his Drone show. Everything was going well and there was a lot of potential new clients coming from all 3 of our stalls.

Packing up and Overview

Just before packing up Gary spoke to a woman who is in the party business and they have things like a 12ft mechanical dinosaur, it looks like he’s persuaded them to make a mechanical whale. We then packed all our equipment off and came back to the office, In my opinion, it was a great day to have a look at other businesses, although it wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be.

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