Blue Whale Media Talks Jibo!

Have you ever dreamt of seeing the pages of your favourite sci-fi novel come alive? The time has come for fiction to become a reality. This seems unbelievable but true. Jibo, the world’s first social robot for the home, has arrived and the App Development Warrington team are ecstatic to tell you. Jibo is a friendly, helpful and intelligent companion who can well become a personal assistant for your family.

Features Of Jibo – A Guide From Our App Development Warrington Team

Jibo has two high resolution cameras which gives him the sensory ‘eye’ that can recognise faces, take photographs and enable immersive video calling. He can hear with his 360° microphone and natural language processing and so you can talk to him from anywhere in the room. He can speak to you with his hands-free reminders and messages. He is provided with artificial intelligence algorithms that makes him an intelligent learner. He is a pro-active helper who will assist you with your tasks like a personal assistant. He can relate and communicate with you using natural social and emotive.

Jibo’s Presence In Your Life

He will be your assistant, politely reminding you of your unfinished chores With the help of his eyes, this intelligent messenger will be able to recognise and deliver the right messages to the each and every member of your family This smart photographer can even detect your movement, speech and smile to understand when you want your picture taken. Moreover, with its see-and-track camera, he can turn and look at people to give a ‘real’ effect to your video call He can be a fun companion, telling you stories and bringing a smile on your face when you need it most.

How To Install Jibo In Your Life?

Jibo will provide instructions to set him up. Follow these instructions and connect him to the Wi-Fi device of your house. After he has been connected, teach him to recognise your face and voice. You, now, need to learn what you can ask this personal assistant to do for you. You can also download the Jibo mobile app on your android or iOS operated mobile phone to remain connected with him through your mobile devices. You can connect to Jibo using, not only your mobile devices but also your personal computers and other Jibos. You can also purchase items from the Jibo Store to expand his skills or customise his abilities. You can also buy physical accessories to add to his appearance. You can pre-order your Jibo now and bring on a new and exciting companion for your family. Get in touch with our App Development Warrington team to discuss the app more! Contact Us on 01925 552050

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