Blue Whale Media Welcomes Patrick McMullin To Its Team

We, at Blue Whale Media, have a new member in our midst and we are so proud and excited about it. Just as you are happy when you have a new inclusion to your family, similarly, we are joyful to be able to welcome Patrick McMullin into our web design Warrington team. Our web design team has now become stronger with the arrival of Patrick, a young and talented designer par excellence.

Our Philosophy

We, at Blue Whale Media, believe in working as a family. For us, it is not a job that we pursue, but a profession where we keep on growing and excelling. For us, web design is a passion and we constantly endeavour to improve and develop. So, anyone who expects a job to simply earn a living cannot be a part of our team; for we breathe, live and dream work.

The Need For Fresh Talents

When we had started our web design Warrington Company, little had we known that our growth would scale such heights. With your faith and trust in us, we are inundated with fresh projects every day. Our volume of work has increased manifold and hence we needed to bring in fresh talents into our family.Content Creation WordPress was originally built as a blogging platform. Content creation is one of its several strengths. And we all know how important content is for SEO. WordPress has been built for fast, effortless and continual content publishing. You can scale your WordPress blog quickly and efficiently.

Our Newest Entrant

Patrick McMullin, is the newest member of our family but in this short period he has become an indispensable part of our web design Warrington team. He is a young designer with over five years of experience and is as passionate about his work and growth as we, at Blue Whale Media, are. His focus is on illustration, graphic design and branding which he does with élan and style. He has been working on sign designs and animations from his school days for television screens around the campus. He has been an apparel designer, general designer and graphic designer in various projects. He has worked as a freelancer and amateur designer which has given him substantial experience in web design. He has an open mind and is ready to make it big with his creativity and love for designing. If you want to get a taste of the brilliance of Patrick, get in touch with our web design Warrington team. We assure you of the best web design because we settle for nothing less than the best. Contact us today and get the Blue Whale Media advantage for your business and enjoy an unprecedented growth.

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