Work Experience at Blue Whale Media

So far at Blue Whale Media I have done a variety of different tasks within client’s websites and tasks for client’s websites. On my first week of work experience at Blue Whale Media I had the task to add related products to the Whisky Collectables website so when a customer was to click on a product they liked then it would pop up with whisky from the same make or the same malts to encourage the customer to purchase another item that they might like based on what they recently clicked on or purchased.

On the second week, I was asked to add products to the ‘The Crazy Wire Company’ website. Firstly, I had to make categories for the products to go into. Once I have done the categories I was given the task of adding information like weight, SKU, description etc. after adding the information that the client wanted the product to have then I had to add it into a category. Further, in my work experience, I helped find facts about whisky to put on the ‘WhiskyCollectables’ website to give customers more of an insight about the whiskey’s history for e.g. distillery, batch number, when it was made etc. A few weeks later I was given the task of getting required information from company’s business cards to enter them into the drone, champagne or amazon echo competition, this included getting things like phone number, address, name etc. and put it onto a spreadsheet to allow it to easily be found for drawing the winner. Last week I was given the task of making images of products to 500 x 500 px so it could be used as a product thumbnail image, so the customers know what they are buying and also put those edited images onto the correct product on the clients’ website. I was also given the task to make statuses for Facebook about recent websites that the team had made to show future clients or current clients the projects the team are working on to possibly encourage future clients to work with the team. My favourite project that I contributed to was Whisky Collectables as I found it really interesting with the facts about things like the batch number and where it originated etc

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