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Take a drive through Bluebell’s Customer Journey!

Bluebell Fitted Furniture has recently had a brand new website developed by Blue Whale Media. As their business has grown, they recognised the need to modernise their online presence with a new website. As part of our work, our expert video production team have created a fantastic new corporate video!

What does the video achieve?

Bluebell’s new corporate video elegantly highlights the entire customer process when dealing with the company. The video highlights how the professional Bluebell team guides new customers through their dedicated showcase rooms, then shows exactly how Bluebell crafts their bespoke fitted furniture sets within their factory before finally fitting the new furniture for the customer.

The video is a great, simple piece to show the entire process a customer can expect when dealing with Bluebell. It is featured at the top of their new website.

Corporate videos with Blue Whale Media

Blue Whale Media’s video production team are the local experts when it comes to delicately-created corporate videos. All of our corporate videos are made to cater to your unique requirements. Contact us today to see what our videos could do for you!