Boost website engagement with WordPress notification plugins.

Boost Website Engagement With WordPress Notifications

Notifications and popups have become essential segments that may seem very minute but play a vital role in successful interaction with your website visitors. WordPress has introduced this exciting feature of the top bar and notification bar plugin to boost your activity engagement on any website. It can behave as a powerful tool to attract considerable visitors to your sites and increase interaction.

Notification Bar in WordPress

The WordPress notification bar is a specifically designed tool to grab the attention of the user. It is a small banner positioned at the bottom or top of the website. For instance, you can run an announcement of your product promotion with the help of a notification bar. Although it has unlimited use, here are few ways to use notification bars:

  • Get an email delivered to you directly from your website
  • Direct gateway to your website
  • It runs a promotion, giveaways, and other ongoing offers.
  • It provides the consent notice for cookie
  • It helps display icons for various social media. 

WordPress market has some fantastic WordPress notification bar plugins. We have conducted detailed research and study to offer you insights into various plugins to serve your needs and better understand the features.

WordPress Notification Bar Pro

The WordPress plugin is the premium version that helps you access upgraded features, customise and set an alert on your website. The WordPress Notification Bar Pro function boosts your social media followers, manages promotions for better marketing, and increases your mailing list. You can add your custom functionalities with your very own custom HTML codes. It also comes with the feature to set the priority of your notification bar.

8-degree Notification Bar

8-degree Notification Bar is a highly interactive WordPress plugin in the premium version. It notifies a visitor on your website about the exciting announcement and ongoing offers of the product. This plugin is highly customisable as per your preference. It provides the flexibility to add features like social media icons, show or hide your notification, sticky notes, email subscription, newsletters, and more. It is highly compatible with most browsers and has a multilingual feature.


Icegram is also another useful plugin that you can consider for your website. It offers both a free and premium version and is very user-friendly. It has a templates gallery section that enables one to choose varieties of the notification bar. This plugin also has a time-based targeting that pushes the notification at a specific time to increase interaction with your audiences. The premium version of Icegram has a fantastic geo-tagging feature that enables you to target an audience at your desired location.

Notification X

With this plugin, customers who visit your website will be aware of the deals, offers, and announcements. Notification X is a free WordPress notification bar plugin, and it has some fascinating features where you can set a timer of your notification. It also helps in providing detailed analytics and performance of your notification bar.

Top Bar

The free version of the Top Bar plugin comes with a primary feature and attractive call-to-action, and other captivating functions to interact with your website visitors. This plugin allows you to customise your messages with desired colours. It has a sticky bar that shows the notification on the top even after scrolling down the page. The Top Bar plugin also comes with an advanced feature in its pro version. 

Let your WordPress Notification Bar stand out.

On deciding the best notification plugin that is suitable for your website, here is another way to boost an engagement and make the most out of it.

On deciding the best notification plugin that is suitable for your website, here is another way to boost an engagement and make the most out of it. 

  • The same old buttons and dropdowns can make your visitors bore, resulting in decreased activity and response. Hence, you can add an eye-catching popup and display. It may cause to increase the movement of your visitors and compel them to subscribe to your newsletters, and enhance a chance for a frequent visit to your site.
  • Some of the plugins come with a timer that requires a cookie that acts as a tracker. One such plugin that comes with this feature is Notification X. There will be a unique countdown for every first-time visitor to your page. This Notification x feature is known as an Evergreen Timer. The timer creates a sense of urgency and increases the chance of growing and attracting potential permanent customer visits. This way, your website becomes more dynamic.
  • You can always educate yourself through various sources and recommendations. Many video tutorials and websites give you extra information, tips, and hacks to get the best out of your favourite WordPress notification bar plugin.

These are ways to increase and boost your website’s activity and make your notification bar stand out. 

Best practices for your Notification Bar plugin:

Although notifications are useful in many forums and sectors, too much notice can irritate your website visitors and make them uncomfortable, so we should be cautious not to notify them in excess. Successful notification bar plugin always has a well-planned strategy to keep their audience intact and engaged. Here are some tips to consistently boost the activity of your website.

  • It is always the right decision to let your visitor decide whether to proceed with your website’s promotions.
  • Making your notification display suitable on all types of devices can be a thoughtful step.
  • Announce your sales and promotions on point and understandable to your visitors. Remember that clarity is the key here.
  • You should Maintain the same theme, especially if you have multiple notification bars on your website.
  • Always speak to a professional who know what they are doing – such as a Wordpress web designer based in Liverpool.


There are varieties of WordPress notification bar plugins available in the market that offer both free versions with basic features and a premium version with advanced features. If you are looking out for a more professional level and extend your reach to a vast crowd, it is always a better choice to make a good investment from the beginning of your decision. It is never a waste to make a good investment and get the best out of it from the start. This article intends to provide you with the highlighted information.