How you can boost your brand awareness and exposure with a professional video marketing campaign.

How To Boost Your Brand With Video Marketing.

The ultimate goal of any product website is to convert visitors into buyers. So it is crucial for eCommerce websites to showcase their products in the best possible way. And Video Marketing happens to accomplish just that. Chances are, you’ve already heard a bunch of things about video marketing and its perks. These are not mere gossips, but there are dozens of reports and numbers out there to prove it to you. 

Kissmetrics, a website analytics company, found that visitors who view a product video are 85% more likely to purchase that product. Then, according to Invesp, 44% of consumers say they would buy multiple products from an eCommerce website that features product videos. A whopping 52% of consumers have said that watching product videos allows them to feel more confident when it comes to online purchase decisions.

By now, you might already be familiar with video marketing. There are different kinds of video marketing strategies. The genre you choose depends a lot on your products or services. Look out for other factors like budget, target goals, and your audience. If you are doing collaboration videos, you need to make plans all the more carefully. Brain-storming sessions, discussions, even debates, and cooperation will yield a perfect success plan. The scope and reach of your videos rest on the genre you choose. 

 So why video? If you doubt video marketing is the next big thing, here are some reasons that might change your approach. 

Build brand awareness. 

Brand videos are a cool way to make a lasting statement in the digital market. Whether you are just starting out or already in the game, good videos can boost your revenue. Brand videos are a gateway to your products, so you need to give 100% effective content. The videos should be not only informative but also enjoyable.

Visuals speak louder than words. 

Often, we get hooked on some music videos, whether or not the music appeals to us. Do you think why that is so? It’s because of the compelling content. The actors, sites, plot, dance moves, or the animation, you name it! Showing no good content is equivalent to a lousy product. Visuals can make a lasting impression on the viewers. Make it count.

Build trust and credibility with your audience. 

Depending on the type of videos you make, it can garner or depreciate the viewer’s confidence in your brand. Try using different elements in a video to make an impact on the audience. Positive customer reviews, suggestions (if any), and discussions with experts are sure to draw your viewers’ attention.

Increase in Return of Investment (ROI). 

There are loads of testimonials from various reports on how videos help companies get a good investment return. With many online video editing tools at your disposal, you can make decent videos without going the extra mile. Video production is perhaps the most versatile and profitable tool currently. Invest in your videos. Focus on bringing your ‘A game’ to the production table. 

Animation videos can explain anything and everything. 

Remember those days when we were super fascinated by cartoon shows? Imagine bringing that to the marketing space. Animation videos are a powerful tool in itself. It can explain complex concepts in a broken down and simplified manner with ease. For instance, you can make game-themed videos to entice gamers to buy your products.

Educate and Empower your customers. 

Videos can tell a lot about our products or services. You can leverage video marketing to teach your buyers how to use a product. Show more of “how to install,” “how to apply,” “why you need to own” videos on your homepage. Make them understand the benefits of the products boosting their confidence in our brand and the product.

Still hesitating, should you or should you not get on board with video marketing? Video marketing is INEVITABLE. Your social presence can never be complete without videos. Did you know? YouTube is the most used search engine after Google. So create your YouTube channel. Make your presence known. Create fun and entertaining content for more social media shares. 

Also, incorporating videos into our emails will fire up your marketing campaigns. Making live-stream videos is another cool way to promote products. Getting people involved in the process makes you accessible to the customers. Plus, you also get both positive and negative feedback. It all boils down to how you take those opinions. Wise men will gather this feedback and come back with bigger and better videos. Show them how you do it.

But remember, it’s all about the content. Quality may be average, but the video content needs to be a head-turner. Nevertheless, nothing can beat good quality video content. The critical determiner to your strategy is what you decide to show. Video marketing is pervasive. Honestly, those sitting on the sidelines pacing back and forth will be looking at huge losses. Remind you, take measured decisions in business. Overthinking will not lead to positive results. You’ll be missing out a lot. 

It’s time to start thinking strategically about videos. Companies using videos are growing revenue 49% faster than those who don’t. You need Video. Test and optimize your videos. With the right video, people can already feel the products in their hands.

Final thoughts

With the rapid advancement in technology, you have the opportunity at our doorstep. There’s enormous potential for your products to reach any forgotten corner of the world with a killer video content. As compared to product photos, videos tell about a product more lucidly. Videos are not only accessible to watch but also to produce! 

Whether you want to share your brand’s mission, educate your audience, explain how your product works, or show moving stories with the help of video content: they’re easy to grab people’s attention. Hubspot reports that 81% of businesses are now using video for marketing. These numbers will keep increasing. In this digital era, you cannot get close to your audience and stay afloat without video marketing. It is one of the effective ways to remain competitive and reach your audience. The right video marketing will trigger your audience to hit the add-to-cart button.