How Does Branding Affect Your Website?

How your brand affects your SEO positioning is a question that is often pondered upon by webmasters. Most neglect to make a connection between the two at all. Any webmaster who realises how Google calculations and indexing work recognises that there’s no real way to measure the ubiquity of a brand. There’s a consistent discussion of the brand and its relationship to SEO positioning – Web Design Liverpool. Let’s take a gander at the brand and its relation to SEO positioning.

Brand adds trust to your website

Think about a scenario where you’re searching for information related to a specific disease. You’ll surely be inclined to tap on the second or third result. The reason is simple; you confide in these brands and their information. That is a brand recall.

How does trust enhance SEO?

If people persistently ignore the unbranded first link, eventually it will increase the SEO positioning of a brand that is frequently clicked. It’s as simple as that. Therefore, picking up users’ trust makes a huge difference. Branding assumes a noteworthy role here.

Brand opens traffic from other channels

This is pretty direct. Thusly, this will ultimately lead to more traffic to your website. The quality backlinks that are so significant today will come to you naturally in the process. People will begin considering your brand an authority on the subject. That is the main way they can attract traffic. For picking up traffic through the avenues mentioned above, you need a brand name. Unbranded searches pass up brand recall hugely.

Branding and Ranking signals

Backlinks are among the essential positioning sign. Well, not if you don’t have great brand recognition. Many will avoid linking to you due to absence of commonality though unless you’re a recognizable brand. There’s a conspicuous absence of trust here. In this way, what could have been a great open door is lost just because you don’t have great brand recognition. The trust of online traffic goes connected at the hip with SEO positioning.

Branding is the link building future

Bill Slawski has exposed a Google patent, otherwise called the Panda Patent. He mentions a few interesting goodies that seem to point towards making branding even more relevant in the future. Here’s my interpretation of the primary ideas made in the patent – Web Design Liverpool.

Google will take a gander at the specific search queries that are leading users to a specific website. It’s additionally designed to take a gander at the quality and relevance of the resource. This means Google will begin giving high importance to these authoritative brands for queries related to them in the near future. Additionally, it mentions “implied links,” which is the future link building co-occurrence practice.

Biggest factors of brand boosting

It’s clear today that mere backlinks are not enough to improve SEO positioning. Link notoriety is an indispensable piece of how Google positions websites. Techniques like directory entries, blog commenting, bookmarking, and article entries are outdated. The two terms co-reference and co-occurrence have become synonymous with top-notch backlinks in the current SEO scene. The best approach for link building is to build a strong brand alongside co-reference and co-occurrence.

Branding, co-citation and co-occurence

The initial move towards creating your brand is to consistently provide readers with relevant and informative content that is unique. When your website gives out epic content and carries value to readers, they’re more likely to cite you with other quality resources. This paves the path for co-reference. When your content remains relevant and on track’s, will undoubtedly have words, phrases, and equivalent words that go well with the title. Google will recognize this fact and improve your SEO positioning.

Market your content while featuring your brand. Branding will increase your chances of being “recognized” as an authoritative source by other websites, in this way bringing you natural backlinks. Keep in mind that reliable references carry credibility to the content you put out. Never avoid pointing towards quality sources.


If you pursue the best SEO practices, you’re sure to reach the helm of SERPs. However, to remain there, you’ll need brand recognition. When you think SEO positioning, remember than brand affects your SEO – Web Design Liverpool.

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