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HLD – The branding that is sure to steal the spotlight

HLD is a model agency based in London UK. This is the second website they have built with Blue Whale Media. After undertaking a rebrand process earlier in the year, HLD are now looking to move into the High Fashion realm. The new orange and logo font are great examples of transitioning a brand. 

The website whilst not being huge features lots of quirky features. A great feature is the pop up about page. rather than having a stand-alone page, we decided due to the reduced amount of content to use the pop-up feature. The website also features soft animations which work with the new styling and target market audience. We have also used a great tab filter on the Talent page which is a great way of showcasing a lot of information but allowing customers to filter what they want to see.


Client: HLD

Category: Designs

Date: 2nd May 2022


Years of success

It all began back in July 2011 as a tiny start-up company with just two employees. Blue Whale Media is now a successful digital marketing agency with multiple different sectors and a team of highly skilled employees. Here’s to many more years of Blue Whale Media!


Completed Projects

Our team works tirelessly to collaborate on many projects: from branding and website design to social media. We work together to ensure that our clients are satisfied with their projects.


Positive Reviews

Our number one priority here at Blue Whale Media is to ensure our clients love their websites as much as we love working on them! Our friendly and helpful staff are here to support you in every way we can to make sure our clients are more than happy.


Hours spent designing

We design a multitude of different elements from business cards to packaging however, website design is our passion! All our websites are bespoke builds, not templated, to ensure that they meet your business needs.

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