Can drone footage make your website more engaging to your customers

Can Drone Footage Make Your Website More Engaging to Your Customers?

Drones are currently dominating the world of aerial photography and videography. Their ability to fly hundreds of feet in the air and still be able to capture breath-taking videos and photography is the reason why they’re so heavily utilised.

With the right equipment and the right can-do attitude, you can have a perfect and engaging website that is designed specifically to showcase your incredible drone shots.

It’s Attention-Grabbing   

Not everything can be attention-grabbing, everyone has different tastes and different things appeal to different people. The thing is, drone footage has that universal appeal that you just can’t beat. Sometimes things come under different peoples tastes, but not drone footage; Drone footage has a certain charm that everyone appreciates, no matter who you are or what you do.

The images stand out because they capture their surroundings in a new and exciting way. When you’re building a website that has to appeal to a large group of people, a drone footage design is the best way to go when trying to grab their attention.

You Stand Out

Standing out from the crowd with your website is essential and is an exciting feat when executed correctly. In a world where there are easy-fix templates for anyone to follow that all look eerily similar, dare to stand out! It’s what will attract your customers to stay on your site and keep scrolling, landing you those sales.

What is it that will keep your customers on your site? That beautiful, capturing drone footage will, that’s what! Especially if your company specialises in drone footage, showcasing your work in that way is an engaging and different way of showing your customers and potential clients what it is that you can offer them and their business.

Helps You Tell a Story

The best part about using a drone for your footage needs is to tell a story. Many different businesses can utilise a drone for a video or for their website, depending on the story you want to tell. For example, a school could use a drone to show their fetes and fayres, or a local 5k race to show the progression of the event. There are tonnes of different uses of a drone to make any event or idea come to life.

Not only that, but it also captures a side of video that’s never been able to be achieved before. There are some shots that you just couldn’t get before drones appeared, and now they can! Amazing, amazing stuff.

Creates a Memorable Web Experience  

No matter the subject, drone footage is captivating. Who do you most want to be captivated on your site? Your customers! Surprise, surprise. Having a captivating and enticing homepage is going to draw in those customers and encourage them to buy your service or product. Result!

Many small businesses can take advantage of this opportunity to catch the eye of a potential customer, especially as drone footage on websites are a rare and therefore powerful tool to utilise.

Check Out Blue Whale Media’s Drone Services Today

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