Changing Your URL on WordPress into Something Unique

Coming up with custom WordPress URLs is more than just putting some random words together just to create something good enough. You should put extra effort and creativity into creating URLs. They speak volume about your business and also play a huge role in page ranking. Yes, it is just like writing catchy blog post headlines, titles, or any other metadata. Anyone visiting your site should know precisely what any page is about. As web design St Helens suggests, do not mislead people to get clicks.

Having said that, here are the key items that will help you to write helpful, readable, friendly and most importantly unique URL; it takes some effort to get the best before you forward to web design St Helens.

Keep it simple and descriptive

Your URLs should tell people all that’s on the website page in the shortest words possible. Readers get bored once they see a long URL because it’s not even something they can remember in future. To avoid, this, use descriptive texts like keywords instead of writing a full sentence. However, don’t keep it so short that it may fail to describe the contents on your web page.

Use Hyphens Instead of Underscores or even spaces

Permalinks need to be quite easy to read, but you can’t just write them like a sentence. Even though some people love using underscores, it’s better to use hyphens as they are easily readable. Underscores are still acceptable, but they’ll almost certainly confuse your readers. Such is because when you use them as URL separators; they appear hidden, making your entire URL appear as if you wrote it with large spaces in between words which are also quite unattractive. Similarly, once you use spaces, your URL becomes quite ugly with percentage signs appearing in the complete URL to separate the words.

Lastly, avoid using characters like semicolons, colons, and quotes. By doing it will help keep things simple and attractive to potential customers; the funny symbols are a huge turn off according to web design St Helens. When looking for online business short and precise should be your motivators. They keep you on track while bringing your business.

Don’t Capitalize the Words in Your URL

The truth is, no one cares about capitalization. Yes, they may look more attractive on URLs, but they do more harm than good to your website. You will only end up having dupe content, or a 404 error message might appear whenever your readers try to access the web page.

Using Too Many Folders in Your URLs

We normally use folders to improve the design of our websites. Using them to create URLs is not advisable because you will only be stuffing keywords something that is quite unpleasant to your readers. In fact, it’s spammy to both people and several search engines.


These steps will help you to write not only custom URLS but also attractive ones. They will help you avoid 404 error messages, and keep your readers coming back to your site as often as possible. Most importantly, with the help of web design St Helens, you can be sure that your website stands out from the rest.

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