Christmas Ideas for the Blue Whale Media Office

As soon as Halloween and Bonfire Night have been celebrated, it’s time to start getting into the Christmas spirit. Here at Blue Whale Media we love the lead up to Christmas and have even started listening to Christmas music…too soon? No matter what time you start celebrating, there should always be a festive spirit in your office. Here are some ideas that we have come up with for our working environment.

Secret Santa

Secret Santa has always been a popular way to celebrate Christmas in the office and the Blue Whale Media team have stepped up this activity this year. We have previously taken part in Secret Santa but now our team has grown we have decided to add stockings into the mix. Everyone taking part will be given the name of a person in the office as well as a stocking to fill for their chosen person. Once everyone has bought their presents, we will be hanging these in the office to add to our Christmas decorations.

Gingerbread Decorating Competition

Last year our team members got the chance to compete in our Gingerbread decorating competition. This year we are competing against each other again, but we are bringing much more decorations. We will be having icing, sweets and more! This is a great way to bring some fun activities to the office during Christmas and is great for our social media followers to pick a winner and be involved with our team members which is something we love seeing.

Christmas Food Bank

The Christmas Food Bank is a new idea for Blue Whale Media. Our Marketing Team came up with this activity as 2018 has been a full year of giving something to charity for our company. The idea is for each member of the team to bring items of packed food into the office and put them into our decorated box. In December we plan on giving this to one of our local care homes for the elderly. We hope this will make a difference and allow us to give back to the community as a company.

25 Days of Christmas Competitions

For 2 years now, we have given back to our social media followers by creating competitions for the 25 days of December. This involves giving one prize away each day and all our followers can enter within the 24 hours. The prizes vary from chocolate to toys, socks to books! This year we are carrying on our tradition with new prizes and new ways to enter the competitions. We are so grateful for all our followers which is why we love seeing these prizes put a smile on their faces.

Bringing More Festive Spirit

In addition to all these activities, we will also be doing some team building such as a Christmas Lunch, a night at the Manchester Christmas Markets, Christmas Jumper Day, Christmas Party and a Christmas Quiz. We have even created a Christmas playlist to get everyone singing along. Keep a lookout on all social media pages to see our festive fun:

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