Cloud Computing Technology

A piece of recently developed and fairly new piece of technology that I am interested in at the moment is Cloud computing. I find this extremely interesting because of the capabilities of this technology once it is fully developed and being used in business and IT fully. Some of the capabilities include the fact that Cloud computing is in fact location independence meaning the capacity for services and data assets to be controlled without reference to their location or without the need to be in the office. Furthermore, the ability for Cloud services to accessed by different devices globally is a big advantage it allows users to access their data out of the workplace and even in a different country or continent. Cloud computing is yet to really be used to its full potential due to the minor security issues as the features that they do offer can cause security risks as user authentication needs to be in place to make sure your data is safe and not being accessed by just anyone and contingency planning needs to be in place in the case that the security defences are ineffective, Cloud are addressing this by adding additional security layers. Finally, Cloud also allows for much more data storage capability as it runs mainly over the internet do the storage would be uploaded to the web so would reduce storage usage at their own office or workplace storage space.

Cloud Computing in the workplace

The main reason for the use of Cloud Computing in your workplace is the portability of the service as you can access the service and data anywhere with a stable internet connection meaning that any location can become a virtual office, this would transform your workplace in how employees accomplish tasks and responsibilities. The office is really where your phone or other devices are and can crack on with work anywhere. Another reason why Cloud would be good in the workplace would be the access to people globally meaning the capability to have a globally range of staff as a business owner you want the best of the best working for you so the option to gain staff globally is a big advantage over potential competition as they might be limited geographically in who they can gain as staff. It gives your business the capability to recruit the best talent across the world for your business. Not too long ago a crashed computer system could have incapacitated a business for hours which would be a great loss of time and money but with the use of Cloud computing the data programs are stored over the internet instead of the computer drive so if the system crashed the data can be accessed on a different device with no loss in productivity. These are the capabilities of Cloud in the workplace and why in my honest opinion it is worth checking out. The final use for Cloud Computing in the workplace effectiveness and speed of how tasks and information can be passed around the workforce with relative ease. This would improve productivity and the overall earnings of the business as more tasks will be complete.

Cloud Computing in your home

Cloud Computing can also be used at home in your personal life away from the business end of things their several uses whether that is just general storage of personal files or some more advanced software that Cloud offers its users. There are services like Microsoft Office 365 that will allow users to access their information to the cloud and also save data to the Cloud. The best feature is that if you’re working at home and forget the physical document the home-based Cloud system will save it and they can access it on the go because of the portability of the cloud systems.

Cloud Computing’s impacts on your business

With the introduction of Cloud Computing to your business there may be a few issues encountered when implementing, firstly, the staff may not have encountered a system like Cloud before so they may require additional training in the software to use it effectively and making sure they can be as productive as possible, whether that training takes place in-house or you go to an external source is really up to you. At first the cost of Cloud will be quite high as you will have to train staff by bringing in professional personnel and that will not be cheap as well of the fact that there will be unknowns because of the fact that it is a fairly new technology that can be quite costly but once the software is up and running over the long term it will save money as the business won’t have to pay for servers that hold the data instead it will be accessed on the web. The main impact on a business will be that at first, it will cost a lot to implement and learn but over time it will improve productivity and increase the amount of revenue that you make. Furthermore, Cloud Computing will replace many solutions that once required heavy computing power with quick, easy and reliable services.

Cloud Computing is a technology for the future when more people have more trust or faith in the technology as it is a great opportunity for business to modernise and advance their storage capabilities for their business.