How Fresh Content and Blogs can Improve your SEO

Content is the primary driving force of your website, period! Online marketers will give you a thousand different tips to improve your website SEO. But, at the end of the day, it all boils down to the quality of your content and blogs – which is a driving force behind our Liverpool SEO agency’s marketing campaigns.

You can implement a plethora of marketing schemes to sugar coat your website and enhance its aesthetic feature. But, without a reliable 

content, consumers are ultimately going to prefer alternate web portals that can offer quality content.

Considering how easy it is for users to switch between different websites, you should be genuinely concerned about your web content and blogs.

Here are a few findings on the impact of quality content and blogs on the productivity of a website.

60% of consumers say they trust website blogs to help them make better purchase decisions.
52% of consumers say that website blogs affect their purchase decision making.
42% of consumers say they search for quality website content and blogs to gain information about products before making a purchase.
57% of website owners say that quality blogs help them acquire new customers.

If the above statistics do not convince you to work on revamping the quality of content and blogs on your website, what will?

So, can things get even better with a sprinkle of fresh and authentic website content and blogs?

Apparently, it can!

There is a bigger picture involved in improving the quality of your website content and blogs. And that comes in the form of a better SEO score. Recent trends show that offering unique and fresh website content and blogs can play a crucial role in boosting your website’s SEO.

So, how can fresh content and blogs improve your website SEO?

Here’s how.

Fresh Content help your website to stay updated and relevant

Here’s a simple question, if you were to search for, say, “the best running shoes” on Google, would you be willing to click on a website content that was posted 2 years ago? Well, unless you’re planning to travel back in time, clicking on an out-dated webpage is never an ideal scenario. And, that is precisely why Google search engine algorithms stay away from prioritizing old website blogs or content.

In contrast, updating your website with new and fresh content/ blogs enables your webpage to stay relevant and up-to-date as well. Users are (obviously) likely to click on to a website that is more recent as opposed to a three or four-year-old post. In other words, fresh content and blogs can boost your website’s click-through-rate. And, that, in turn, enhances your website traffic.

Enables you to target long-tail keywords

Search Engine Optimization is all about perfecting the art of implementing relevant keywords. After all, keywords are the primary input that leads customers to your webpage in the first place. Thus, keeping updated with your consumer’s needs by investigating which keywords are relevant plays a crucial role in enhancing your website’s SEO.

A recent study by Google revealed that almost 15% of the keywords they encounter every day are new and unique. So, if you depend on your older content blogs, chances are, your targeted keywords have already become irrelevant. On the contrary, creating new content will help you keep updated with the latest keywords and enable you to target them.

Did you also know that 70% of all web searches are usually long-tail keywords?

While implementing short-tail keywords is not a big deal, the same cannot be said for long-tail keywords. And this is where website content and blogs come to your rescue. Writing blogs give you the perfect opportunity to use long-tail keywords naturally and boost your search engine ranking.

More internal linking opportunities

Establishing a string of quality internal linking within your website is another crucial advantage of maintaining a consistent blog post. Internal linking plays a massive role in boosting the reputation of your brand, which, in turn, boosts your website SEO.

Search engine algorithms favor websites that can furnish a good amount of quality backlinks. Technically, scoring backlinks from other websites can be extremely tough and time-consuming as well. But, with online blogs, you have the power to create internal links by yourself. Thus, allowing your website to achieve optimum results at a minimum time frame.

However, one crucial thing to keep in mind is that Google sniffs out quality backlinks. You cannot simply write a blog post just for the sake of linking it back to your website. The quality of your blog is the primary concern. So, make your blogs are both genuine and unique that can enable customers to obtain relevant information.

Learn more with our internal linking guide.

Fix your spelling and grammar errors

Grammatical and spelling errors are inevitable!


What you don’t realize is that these errors can affect your website performance in a much more adverse fashion. Yes, not only can spelling and grammar errors be extremely embarrassing, but they can also diminish the reputation of your website.

Of course, spelling and grammar accuracy are not search engine ranking components (at least, in the present context). So your website SEO may not be directly affected. But, that does not necessarily mean they are entirely irrelevant.

Matt Cutts, a former Google employee, recommends keeping your blog posts free of such careless errors to protect the quality and genuine nature of your content.

In recent times, numerous online businesses reported that making some small changes in their old content boosted their website traffic by up to 486%. These changes included fixing minor spelling/grammar errors, optimizing content for targeting more relevant keywords, etc.

Thus, it becomes rather apparent that spelling and grammatical errors may not necessarily be the most critical components, but they can boost your website SEO by a substantial degree in the long run.


There is a diverse debate out there that fresh content and blogs do not necessarily boost your SEO. They just help your website furnish better quality of products/content. That, however, is not entirely true.

Over the years, various business establishments have harnessed the benefit of fresh and authentic content and blogs in the form of improved SEO rankings. So, if you’re looking for reasons to give your old content a facelift, we would highly recommend you get started on it. Contact us to see how Blue Whale Media can help.