Content Planning for Christmas

Content Planning for Christmas

If you’re feeling far from festive, then that may need to change because many businesses in the UK are preparing and have their Christmas content in full swing.

This year more than ever, we have shown that we are more dependent on digital technology; this is where social media has become effective at placing businesses right in front of their customers.

With a small amount of planning, you can create a simple campaign leading up to Christmas and New Year. You’ll be able to inspire and harness the attention of your target audience; by starting now, you’ll get into people’s heads before they spend their money.

At Blue Whale Media, we have a talented team of marketers who know how and when to plan a festive campaign; here are our tips for content planning for Christmas.

Create a timeline

The festive season is not just about Christmas; there are a number of dates that you should plan for in your campaign. Ideally, you should start this in August, however at the minute, you have little time to plan, but you can still start planning today. It’s probably too late for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. However, there are plenty of things you can do for Christmas and New Year.

Plan your Christmas Marketing Message

It’s time to plan your Christmas campaign message; in order to do this, you’ll have to consider:

  • The needs of your audience
  • Your brand values
  • Your mission
  • How you differ from your competitors
  • How you deliver value to customers
  • What you want to make your customers think, feel and do.

Your main task is to find an overarching narrative that communicates these elements in a way that drives customers to conversion.

Create Campaign Content

Now you’ve laid the groundwork for your campaign; it’s time to get started on content creation. You’ll need to assess each channel you use, for example, blogs, email marketing, social media, etc. To engage your audience, you should be creating engaging content that reflects your theme and delivers your message effectively. This is bound to take time, but you should have your content ready well before December to ensure you know when it will be scheduled and published.

Target Local

People may still want to buy with businesses that are local to them, so this makes sense for you to target potential customers in your area. If you’re a local business, it is essential to target and ensure your content is received by local businesses or consumers. You can write blogs about the work you’ve done in the community or even businesses you’ve worked with.

The build-up to Christmas can be busy and stressful for all marketers; having a process to follow will help you regain some headspace and stay in control. Even if you’re late to the planning process, then our main piece of advice is to keep it simple; if you are consistently delivering clear messages across your channels, following a process, you should be able to tackle it. For more information and ways to tackle Christmas marketing, get in touch with Blue Whale Media.