Content Writing: Should I Focus On Quantity or Quality?

Content Marketing Strategies can differ greatly from company to company. Generally, there seems to be a consensus that there are two schools of thought; Quantity and Quality. A collection of companies and businesses focus their content marketing strategies on producing a higher volume of blogs, posts and written content. Others place more value on higher quality and researched work that is less frequent but more relevant.

Pros of the Quantity Method

A quantity marketing strategy may seem like a secondary approach to quality, but it does not mean that the content being produced is not of good quality. All content that you put on your social media or blogging platforms should be well researched and relevant to your business or company. The whole benefit of blogging is to showcase your company and ensure that your customers and visitors to your site understand your mission and goals.

Producing a high quantity of content helps you to cast a wide net from which you can draw in larger volumes of new followers and potential customers. Also, by keeping your content update schedule regular, you are managing to keep your target audience engaged and your business in the current. A regular update schedule also allows your business to thrive online and stay relevant. However, too many updates and too much content can turn customers the other way.

Pros of the Quality Method

Quality content is highly sought after amongst all online businesses. Well researched and relevant content can boost your potential conversion rates and guarantee that your company stays at the top of the search engine results for your chosen keywords and phrases. Google values high-quality content and prioritises it over lower-quality content. Accuracy is the key when it comes to ranking for quality content. You must stay precise to your keywords and phrases to ensure that your content is ranked.

Strike the right balance

Although there seem to be two schools of thought when it comes to which style is better to adopt when creating online content, we recommend that to get the very best results, you strike the right balance between the two. Quantity is important to ensure that your business is seen regularly and gains a consistent following. By guaranteeing that your blogs and company pages are constantly appearing on the search engine pages, you can be sure to see increased clicks and customer engagement. By assuring that the content that your customers find on these pages is of high quality and is relevant and engaging, you will ensure lower bounce and higher conversion rates.

You can use Google Analytics and other data to understand where your blogs are landing and you can edit your strategy accordingly.


By striking the right balance between high quality and consistent quantity, you can find the sweet spot for your blogs and online content. Use analytics to help you find the right strategy for your brand and remember that it can take some time for your numbers to show improvement.

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